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3M Ear Plug Storage Box 3M Ear Plug Storage Box
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Ear Defender 3M 1436 Ear Defender 3M 1436
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Professional protection for work and play from 3M

3M is a US premium manufacturer that has firmly established its products in the field of occupational safety in the international market. In addition to hearing protection, the product portfolio also includes first-class glasses and accessories. At ASMC, we are constantly looking for high-quality, high-performance equipment that will make your day-to-day work safer. For this reason of course why we include 3M in our range as a premium supplier of professional protective equipment. In our extensive product range, we offer you not only various ear plugs but also effective headphones and sunglasses. Whether on the shooting range, in action or as a hunter - we are sure that with the outstanding products from 3M you will be able to cope with any challenge in service or everyday life. Take a look through our range now and stock up on your new safety equipment with the first-class products from 3M!

Effective hearing protection from 3M

It is extremely important that your protective equipment is adapted to the specific challenges of your job. Professional hearing protection makes a decisive contribution to your work safety and reliably protects you during dangerous or unhealthy activities.

 The US manufacturer 3M has specialized in the production of the best ear plugs and headphones that make your everyday work safer. However, it is not only a question of effective protection against noise: Of course, the earplugs and headphones must not lose any of their comfort.

 The professionals at 3M are absolutely aware of this and provide us with the best hearing protection for maximum comfort and performance. When choosing your hearing protection, it is important for you that you adapt it to the specific needs of your job. Not every hearing protection is suitable for every activity and situation.

When buying your hearing protection, you have to weigh up whether you use it for work, for example in mechanical work such as welding or the like, or whether your hearing protection is used for example when hunting or on the shooting range.

 If you have any questions about the best possible hearing protection from 3M, you should definitely refer to the detailed product descriptions. In addition, our customer service is at your side at all times and advises you on which hearing protection is ideal for your requirements.

Best protection with glasses from 3M

Just like effective hearing protection, protecting your eyes is of course part of your safety equipment. In addition to ballistic protective goggles, which are suitable for use on the shooting range, for example, we also offer you corresponding UV protective goggles from 3M in our extensive product range.

 All 3M glasses are equipped with a special coating that prevents your eye protection from fogging up and thus guarantees you unrestricted comfort during every activity.

Browse through our 3M brand shop now and find the right eye-wear for everyday job, sport or leisure, which will confidently protect your eyes in all challenges.