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Hall- Sport Shoes BW Style Hall- Sport Shoes BW Style
EUR 47.78
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Haix Shoes Airpower C1 Haix Shoes Airpower C1
EUR 152.51
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UYN Men's X-Cross Shoes military green UYN Men's X-Cross Shoes military green
EUR 101.67 EUR 81.34
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Hanwag Boots Blueridge ES black Hanwag Boots Blueridge ES black
EUR 203.36 EUR 175.90
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Terrain-Compatible Leisure Shoes by ASMC

Whether for hikes on vacation or at home, whether in the city or during daily walks with your beloved four-legged friend - terrain-compatible leisure shoes must above all be functional! It doesn't matter whether you wear your new functional shoes off the beaten path or in urban terrain. They must be comfortable and slip-resistant, and ideally provide fatigue-free foot rolling, making long marches more pleasant. Our range of high-quality functional shoes is diverse and offers the right model for all preferences. Manufacturers like Haix, UK Gear, or Brandit are well-known to many satisfied users and impress demanding customers with functional leisure shoes for every occasion.

Axes and Hatchets by ASMC

Our range of versatile leisure shoes is diverse and offers a wide selection of high-quality functional shoes from premium brands like Haix or Brandit. Whether for sports, hiking, or everyday use: they have all proven themselves on various terrains and are very popular with many satisfied users.

With our high-quality leisure shoes, you can be sure to choose your new faithful companion that will not let you down in urban terrain or off the beaten path. The functional shoes from Haix and Co. know how to convince demanding customers in terms of wearing comfort and performance and leave nothing to be desired in terms of functionality.

ASMC's leisure shoes are particularly comfortable to wear and thus provide fatigue-free foot rolling in sports and leisure activities. This means you can withstand even longer marches and easily handle longer distances. The special sole constructions of our functional shoes not only make longer marches easier but also provide the necessary slip resistance off the beaten path. This is also a crucial factor when it comes to your health and preventing injuries with the right footwear.

Thanks to the special soles that provide excellent slip resistance, your feet and ankles are effectively protected from painful sprains or slipping. Especially on wet, rugged terrain, slip-resistant functional shoes are essential for a safe march.

Are Functional Shoes or Leisure Shoes Waterproof?

Unfortunately, this cannot be determined universally, and to obtain a product-specific answer, we refer you to the detailed product description. Many of our functional shoes are characterized by their waterproofness, while others are merely water-repellent and cannot withstand moisture to a high degree. On the other hand, our leisure shoes or sneakers usually do not offer protection against moisture and should therefore mainly be used on dry days.

What Socks are Recommended for Wearing Functional Shoes?

The socks you wear in your functional shoes are a crucial factor for your walking comfort. The padding of the socks on the ball or heel not only cushions every movement but also prevents the formation of painful blisters in your leisure shoes. The right socks combined with your comfortable functional shoes thus provide excellent wearing properties and the best walking comfort on all your tours.

What Size is Recommended for Functional Shoes?

When trying on your new leisure shoes, make sure they have sufficient freedom of movement both at the heels and at the toes. Since you naturally slide forward with your feet, for example, when walking downhill, we recommend having about 10-15 mm of space in everyday and leisure shoes. On the other hand, if you are buying functional shoes for sports activities or hiking, then according to our rule of thumb, you should have between 15 and 20 millimeters of space in your new companions.