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Company history


When Heinz Borkhard started his business he already intended from the beginning to focus the world market. As an experienced export manager in the consumer industry for many years he knew about the possibilities and chances of selling world wide. With the start of the internet ASMC exports began to boost and are achieving now almost 50 % of the total turnover. ASMC sends nowadays its products worldwide to all 5 continents, from Greenland to New Zealand.


  Registration of our one millionth customer, Televising of the ASMC commercial

2016 was a great year for ASMC with two highlights to celebrate. The registration of our millionth customer in our Online shop and the growth in the Facbeook - Community to 50.000 Fans! The ASMC TV spot with the motto "ASMC - The Online Shop for Real Men"! was also aired this year on to two target group strong channels DMAX and N24 in Germany.


Announcement of the ASMC-Catalog-APP, Internationalisation of the online shop

At the beginning of 2015, the free ASMC-Catalog-APP made its debut. It is available in German, French, English, Russian and Spanish. All valid catalogs are available for download and scrolling.

Another major change in 2015 was the internationalization of the online shop. In addition to the performance, the user friendliness for customers from abroad was also optimized. Thanks to this, the online offer is no longer available only on asmc.de, but also on asmc.com, asmc.fr, asmc.es, asmc.ru and asmc.it.

A new version of the TV commercial was also broadcast this year on the channel DMAX.


25 Year Jubalee with Special Anniversary Catalog, Prize contest and television broadcast of our commercial on DMAX

Despite the withdrawal of German troops from Afghanistan and the Ukraine conflict which restricted shipment to Russia, the ASMC annual sales in 2014 exceeded for the first time the 25 million mark.

The highlight this year was the 25-year Anniversary. For this occasion, a large Prize contest and a special anniversary catalog with attractive offers was released in October. In addition, the second ASMC TV commercial was broadcasted on the TVchannel DMAX.

Also in October, the 750,000th customer registered in our shop. ASMC took over the inventory as well as the online store from www.armeeshop24.de and founded the ASMC France SAS, based in Ivry sur Seine near Paris as a subsidiary of ASMC GmbH. With this logical step, ASMC strengthened its involvement in the important foreign market, and expanded even further its position in the French market. Our service for authorities has also been expanded and improved. We provide for authorities now the option to place special orders for specific equipment.


 Acquisition of the Ranger Shop.de and publication of the new concept  of loyalty cards

This year, two major retailers in the industry have declared bankruptcy. It was an opportunity for ASMC, to acquire his biggest competitor in Germany, the company Ranger Shop.de.
On 31.7.2013 we received the green light from the administrator and so we had the possibility to secure the sites Osterrönfeld and Munster. In addition, we also acquired the rights to the name and the complete inventory. With this acquisition, the number of employees grew up to 150. So ASMC is probably the biggest Army/Outdoor online store.
The introduction of the free Procard for members of any European army took place in early 2014, also theYourcard for volunteer staff in Germany, in these areas. In this way ASMC wished to emphasize the appreciation of the company, for these trades, occupations, manifesting the supports with a 15% discount on all purchases for a whole year.


 The new building and modernization of logistics

In 2012 was the 4th construction phase completed with an extension of the incoming goods department to approximately 700 square meters and the move to the new office space on the upper floor with about 70 office workstations. To meet the increased package volume, an additional automated packaging line was established. This allowed for the first time in December, the daily package output to increase to over 2,000. In the summer was the appearance of the first ASMC television advertising on DMAX and Sport1. The number of employees has grown this year to over 110 and the number of customers to over 500,000. To secure the future growth, ASMC has acquired another property with over 16,000 square meters 500 m away from the current location.


 3rd Expansion

In the spring, work began on the 4th construction phase. In a two-story building, are offices and the relocation of the incoming goods department planned. Mid-February, our newly designed online shop went with a completely revised design, new features and a clear, user-friendly structure online. Sales increased in 2011 to over € 20 million.


 2nd Expansion and generational change

July 2010 started the 3. construction project. In order to secure the sustainable growth of the company more storage space was needed. A high-bay warehouse with 1.400 m² offers since November an additional storage space for more than 2.000 pallets. In 2010 more than 300,000 catalogs were sent out to our customers. Turnover in 2010 exceeded the milestone of 15 million, the number of employees has increased, including the temporary workers to over 90. The generational change was accompanied with a change in the legal structure of the company. ASMC became a GmbH (LLC) with Birk Borkhard, born in 1982, as a Mangaging Director in the new company responsible for the operational business. His experience in the mail order business ensures the future expansion of the company, his visions are a guarantee for future growth.


 A.S.M.C. becomes ASMC The Adventure Company

The management decided to change the name from A.S.M.C. to ASMC The Adventure Company. As a consequence the company's logo was changed and a corporate identity was created. Together with Jürgen Schmidt from IX-Tech Heinz Borkhard founded in September 2009 asmc.it GmbH, a web developping company in response to the increased requirements. asmc.it GmbH with its seven permanent staff has since then worked exclusively for ASMC and ensures that the website is permanently updated.


 1st Expansion

3 years after the move the capacities of both the warehouse and the offices arrived at its ends, so that an expansion was inevitable. The number of article increased in the meantime to more than 20,000 items, the turnover reached nearly 10 million Euro and the number of employees was already over 50. Construction began in November 2008 and the following summer another 2,000 m² of warehouse and 350 m² office space were ready for occupancy.


 Move to Schiffweiler

The year 2005 was certainly the most difficult year in the entire history of A.S.M.C. The enormous growth necessitated a much larger warehouse. Sales were up in the meantime to over 3 million €, the number of employees went up to 20. In early 2005 the company acquired a 13,000 m² property in Schiffweiler and built a 2,000 m² logistics center with office space. The move took place at the beginning of October 2005. Prior to the move a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system was installed to match the increased needs for more efficieny. In addition, Ix-Tech, an internet company, updated our online shop to the latest state of technology. And last but not least in September 2005 a retail store in Hammelburg, Bavaria was established. Hammelburg is the training center for all German soldier prior to their deployment abroad. In a former supermarket A.S.M.C. offers since then its programme on more than 600 m².


 U.S.M.C. chances to A.S.M.C.

The vision of a common mail-order catalog in German, English and French, in cooperation with the French and U.S. partners failed because of too many different views and market conditions. And so we parted ways. For a smooth transition we changed the name U.S.M.C. to A.S.M.C. which was registered with the German Patent Office as a trademark. Finally Heinz Borkhard could focus on the needs of the German market as well as on the world markets without being restricetd by his French and American partners. The number of employees had increased to 10, annual sales had achieved more than 2 million DM. In the summer of 2000 Birk Borkhard, the son of the founder, returned from the USA after his one year's High School stay in Taft, California. With the fresh impressions of the United States, he started the first online shop and laid the foundation for an above-average growth.


 Acquisition of a competitor

Army Store, a competitor who was founded some 25 years ago, was bought-out by Heinz Borkhard. The store located in Saar-Center, Saarbrücken was then managed by his wife and 2 employees.


 Mail order business expands

As mail order business expanded more storage capacity was needed. A new warehouse nearby was rented and allowed to expand mail order turnover to over 700.000 DM. The number of workers increased as well to 7 permantent employees and some temporary personnel.


 Mail order business gets started

Heinz Borkhard started together with Franck Douville from U.S.M.C. Paris a mail order business in Germany with a 76 pages catalogue. The catalogue originated in France, was translated into German language and distributed twice a year.


 Foudation of the family business in Saarbrücken, Germany

Heinz Borkhard, after quitting his job as sales manager at Sturm's Handels Gesellschaft (Mil-Tec), started in 1989 together with his wife a retail store called "US Warehouse" in Saarbrücken. The focus was on Army surplus and fashion as well as Western/Cowboy and American Football products.

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