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question:How much does the ASMC catalogue cost abroad?


Customers from abroad pay a nominal charge in form of the sum of the shipping costs and please send it ahead by mail ( banknote) together with the mailing address:

Gewerbepark Klinkenthal 55
D-66578 Schiffweiler

Please logg in to your customers account and add the catalogue in to your shopping cart. The shipping costs will be calculated according to delivery zone and will be shown at the end of the order form. Overview of shipping costs


IMPORTANT: The integration of our banner in your internet appearance is carried out on your own liability. ASMC GmbH does not take any liability .

question: What is an advertising banner?


A banner is an advertising space that is often created interactively. The targeted person, if she is interested in the advertising company offer, joins her website by clicking the banner. One distinguishes animated banners from static banners. As the name suggests, there is no movement on a static banner. The animated banner differs in the movement and attracts more attention. However, animated banners are often perceived as "annoying." To create highly interactive banners (or small video clips) Macro-media Flash format is mostly chosen. For banners with little movements, the GIF format, yet still the most widespread on the internet, is sufficient .
question:What is a banner advertising campaign?


A banner advertising campaign is the target connection of multiple banners, mostly on sites that reach the target audience in the most effective way.
question:Are the available banners free from costs?


The available banners are free of charge, if the displayed text stays the same on your website. There results no installation fee or commitment therefore.
question:How do I use the banners on my site?


Just copy the HTML text and put it in the HTML-Editor. To the ASMC banners
question:Do the ASMC banners create their links?


Banners create a hyperlink to the home page of ASMC.
question:Can I get something to connect with a banner ASMC?


A connection with an ASMC GmbH banner is done on a personal request and is not sponsored. No refund is provided for this purpose.
question:What happens it, if I press the ASMC banner?


By clicking on the banner, a new browser window opens with the contents of the ASMC Company.

More questions

question:Does the company ASMC offers the possibility of sponsorship?


The company ASMC GmbH does not offer sponsorship opportunities for associations and other institutions.
question:Do I have to accept cookies in my browser in order to use asmc.de effectively.?


Yes, to use www.asmc.de effectively, you must accept cookies in your browser. Find a more detailed description and more informations here (using cookies)

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