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invoice & accounting

IMPORTANT: The customer has at all times the right, in the framework of order processing stored data at ASMC GmbH, free of charge, to inquire,to correct,let block and cancel data. Order data will be stored in our internal systems.

question:From how much a legal form is required?


Legal form is required by the Tax Act § 14 German sales from an invoice value of € 150. Small amounts are deductible without legal form (according to the German law).
question:How do I change my billing address?


Under My Account> Account Settings> Use a different billing address. So you can enter a different billing address. Please note that for deliveries with the military post (valid for Germany only) no divergent billing address is possible. Please note that the billing country must always match the country of delivery.
question:How can I get a copy of my order?


Your order will be registered by us. If you lose documents regarding your order, please kindly contact us by e-mail, fax or our customer service by telephone. Gladly, we will send you a copy of your order.

payment methods

IMPORTANT: we reserve us the right, to make specific payment methods depending on credit checks or a maximum order quantity

question: Which methods of payment are exiisting for orders inside of Germay ?


ASMC offers following payment methods:
  • advance payment (bank transfer)
  • Sofortü
  • last name
  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal / PayPal Express
question:Which methods of payment are existing for orders into a foreign country ?


ASMC offers following payment methods for orders into foreign countries:
  • advance payment (bank transfer)
  • Credit Cards (insofar your country is available)
  • PayPal
Info:advance payment (bank transfer)


After receiving our order confirmation, we ask you to execute a transfer of the shown amount, on our account at the Deutsche Bank. Please note that your order will be processed only after receipt of the total amount due, of your payment! Bank Transfer: (from Germany)

IBAN: DE72 5907 0070 0010 5353 08
Deutsche Bank PGK AG
Reason for payment: Order number

Bank details outside Germany:
IBAN: DE13 5907 0070 0010 5353 03
Deutsche Bank

Information: If this payment would not be transferred to our account within 30 days, we unfortunately are forced to cancel your order


The TÜV-certified fast bank transfer. With "Sofortüberweisung" you transfer during your ordering comfortably a transfer over the particular amount in to your online-account. ASMC receives your transfer immediately and in real-time. Therefore your order can be immediately handled. "Sofortüberweisung" is a TÜV certified transfer system. You do not have to be registered, and there are no costs for this method of payment. You pay immediately through your online-bank-account.(PIN/TAN) more informations under
Info:Last name (payment by delivery)


With orders by Cash on Delivery (COD), you pay conveniently directly by receipt of the goods. The German Post (DHL) charges a fee of € 5.60 plus VAT, which is shown on the invoice. The COD fee of € 2.00, which was paid directly to the deliverer until 28.02.2018, is now included and does not need to be paid additionally. Please have the entire correct amount ready.
Info:Credit Cards


Easy and safe payment by charge from your Credit Card We will only charge your credit card after your order has been shipped with the available items. In case of shortage or unavailability of products, only the amount of products effectively sent, will be debited. We never store data on your credit card for future transactions. we accept:
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
Your Credit-Cards data generally will not be saved by ASMC.

Extra protection on creditcard purchase: Extra protection on creditcard purchase: Through use of MasterCard, SecureCode and Verified by visa your purchase on creditcard at ASMC will still safer. To be able to use the services you need to get once registered at your main bank. After this you can just shop. At the end of the payment procedure you will be asked for an additional password, which you have defined, by your main bank. This gives you additional protection from misusage. further informations please find on, or at your main bank.


With PayPal, you can pay easily and quickly in 2 clicks with no additional costs. Once ASMC gets your payment, you will get confirmation in a few seconds and your order will be processed immediately. The e-mail address of the recipient is ASMC. Please note that PayPal does not accept payments for items marked FSK-18 (minimum age 18 years).
Info:PayPal Express


With PayPal Express you can create a quick payment system without having to create an ASMC account. With the PayPal payment with a guest account, you can pay with PayPal without having to create immediately a PayPal account. To pay via PayPal Express you do not have extra costs at ASMC. The e-mail address of the recipient is ASMC. Please note that PayPal does not accept payments of items marked FSK-18 (minimum age 18 years). For more information, please visit

shipping costs

question:How much does the shipping costs ?


More questions

question:Will I get a discount after ordering a certain amount?


For a large quantity ordered item, please send your request in writing. For collectors and customers who order on a regular basis we offer three different customer cards.
question:Does ASMC GmbH give a wholesale discount?


We do not generally wholesale(except Bryne products) and out of this reason do not offer trading terms. As a retailer you can at any time buy a costumers card.
question:Is there a minimum order amount?


No, there is no minimum order amount.
question:Does a subsequent delivery cost extra?


Up to € 99 shipment costs of € 2.99 accrue. From € 99 on it will be free.
question:What will happen if I am not at home when the delivery arrives?


If you were not present at the time of delivery, you will get a notice from the department responsible for your delivery, on which it will be indicated where you can get your package within 7 working days, at the nearest post office .
question:The package is by delivery defective, what should I do?


Open the package before excepting it in view of the delivery person and check the contents. If something is wrong, refuse to except the delivery and ask the delivery person to return the package to ASMC. This is the easiest solution for you, we take care of everything as soon as the package reaches us. Your order will be new sent to you as soon as possible and without additional costs.

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