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Disc-o-Bed: High-performance field beds for military, camping or crisis situations

With Disc-O-Bed, we have taken on a new premium manufacturer that specializes in the production of high-performance camp beds. The family-run company can look back on more than 30 years of experience and has firmly established its products on the international market. Disc-O-Bed addresses a wide variety of target groups with the aim of ensuring rapid deployment with minimum space requirements and maximum stability. The beds which have been thought out down to the smallest detail, are used not only for troops and disaster relief, but also in the outdoor area. Convince yourself and get your Disc-O-Bed now in our shop for the best sleeping comfort in every situation!

Disc-O-Bed - Premium camp beds & accessories by ASMC!

We at ASMC are constantly on the lookout for high-quality products that make your day-to-day work easier and also provide you with the best possible outdoor support. So it was practically obvious that the manufacturer Disc-O-Bed also definitely belongs in our range. In order to offer you the best possible selection of high-performance camp beds, we deliberately chose only the manufacturer's highlights. We are sure that you will find a faithful companion here, who will accompany you through the challenges of life for many years to come. So that you can get a better overview of the products and be sure that you are making the right choice, we have summarized the most important facts for you.

The main feature of Disc-O-Bed camp beds is the specially developed and patented disc system. With this extremely stable construction, the manufacturer relies on plastic discs and lock-in pins, which allow for quick and easy assembly with just a few movements.

A special highlight among the innovations is the army version Arm-O-Bunk. This bunk bed was specially tailored to the requirements of the military and is available exclusively from ASMC in Germany! Due to the modular design, the camp beds are compatible with each other and can be used as a bunk bed or individually as required.

In terms of price, however, the field beds from Disc-O-Bed are many times higher than their competitors. However, this difference is also noticeable in terms of the robust material quality and the excellent sleeping comfort: The overall concept behind Disc-O-Bed is designed for extreme situations and leaves nothing to be desired!

As an ideal complement to your camp bed, we have also included the appropriate Disc-O-Bed accessories in our range. Practical organizers and a mosquito net round off the manufacturer's range and ensure extra comfort!

With the powerful Disc-O-Beds you are guaranteed to be optimally prepared for every challenge. Whether in the military, for camping, for outdoor use, as an extra bed in the guest room or even for disaster relief - the popular beds have proven themselves many times over and provide users with the best basis for a restful sleep.

Disc-o-Bed in the private area

The Disc-o-Bed can also be used as a visitor's bed or as a bunk bed for the children's room in your own four walls. So fun is inevitable! Because there are no sharp edges or hinges, there is no risk of injury for the youngest members of the group.

Another advantage of the Disc-o-Bed camp beds is that they can be set up in just a few steps and without the use of tools. A practical bag is included in the delivery, in which the Disc-o-Bed can simply be folded up and stowed away after use. This means that you always have a comfortable, stable cot within reach for spontaneous overnight guests.

 We would also like to highlight the resilient steel construction at this point. This promises absolute stability and longevity, so that you definitely get a robust partner for life with your Disc-O-Bed.

Incidentally, the Disc-o-Bed single beds can also be easily converted into bunk beds. This gives you an even larger lying surface with little space requirement. Another plus of Disc-O-Bed are the washable mats, which are not only functional but also absolutely hygienic.

Disc-o-Bed for nature enthusiasts

The Disc-o-Bed is also the ultimate companion outdoors. Whether it's a family vacation outdoors, camping trips or a trip with the camper. You don't want to be without the Disc-o-Bed after just one use. The finely woven mosquito net, which was specially developed for the Disc-O-Bed, provides extra comfort and keeps annoying pests away. Incidentally, the bunk beds can also be converted into a stable bench in no time at all, which invites you to relax during the day.

Disc-o-Bed in extreme situations

In extreme situations, such as after an earthquake, flooding or similar crisis situations, the Disc-o-Bed offers a wide range of uses thanks to its high level of stability and flexibility. It offers many people accommodation, even in the smallest of spaces, without having to sacrifice comfort.

Especially in times of crisis, such as those recently triggered by the Corona Pandemic, the Disc-O-Bed proves its absolute practicality and functionality. In order to be able to treat patients, you need a stable hospital bed that is particularly hygienic and easy to clean. The unique disc-o-beds prove their excellent performance in this regard and have proven to be the ideal companion for times like this. Thanks to their unlimited resilience and the extremely high level of comfort, the high-performance camp beds offer the best conditions for surviving crisis situations.

Since the early 1990s, Disc-o-Bed has been an integral part of global disaster relief in caring for patients with infectious diseases. Central examples of pandemics from the past are cholera and Ebola. In these times, the Disc-O-Bed has proven itself many times over and since then it has become indispensable in the industry.