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ESS Eye Pro - ballistic glasses for various applications

Eye Safety Systems Ltd., ESS for short, was founded in 1998 in the US state of California and is one of the world's most important suppliers of military eye-wear.

The brand's range includes ballistic vision aids and sunglasses for day and night use, as well as goggles and similar protective eye-wear for everyday military use.

Proper use of glasses from ESS in the military and in your free time

Many eye-wear models from the American brand are offered as robust frames with interchangeable lenses, which can be exchanged in just a few simple steps using a lock mechanism. Polycarbonate and other plastics are used for the lenses, which ensure easy cleaning and an impact and scratch-resistant surface. Many glasses are offered with a compact case to ensure that the frame and lenses are transported safely, and elastic neck straps make transport easier after you have taken them off.

While classic sunglasses and military goggles are easy to put on the nose, goggles and safety goggles need to be fitted precisely. Infinitely adjustable straps allow you to put them on exactly around the eye area, and many models are also suitable for combining with protective helmets from established military brands. In order to be able to rely on optimal air circulation in the windproof and dustproof housing of the glasses, we recommend cleaning the channels of the ventilation system from time to time.

Information to ESS

- Many ESS product lines were developed in cooperation with the US military and are now used in various conflict zones around the world. In addition, there is constant further development for future military operations.

- In the US, numerous fire departments are equipped with ESS goggles as standard to keep smoke and chemicals out of their eyes and to safely conduct firefighting operations. In Germany and Europe, too, glasses from ESS are increasingly trusted in this area of application.

- Through its entrepreneurial activities, ESS supports various foundations and organizations, primarily with a focus on the US. The "Tunnels for Towers" campaign for the bereaved of law enforcement officers who died on September 11th is an example.