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License agreement

License agreement between Creator and User (editorial and commercial use)

With an upload from one or more pictures by ASMC.com, you have automatically excepted the following terms:


This agreement regulates the conditions of use under which the users (hereinafter referred to as "users") photos, illustrations and other media content provided by the respective creators on the asmc.de/ranger-shop.de platform (hereinafter referred to as "images / image material") "are required to follow.


ASMC strictly forbids the upload from the following image material:

  • Images that violate the Children's Protection Act or other existing laws.

  • Images that violate the rights, honor or dignity of others.

  • Images showing violence against people or animals.

  • Images that violate the privacy of others.

  • Images showing pornography.

  • Images with racist, radical-religious or spiritual content.

  • Images with phone numbers, email addresses or URLs.

We reserve the right at any time to delete images that contradict the general good taste without notice. We are not responsible for any uploaded images. Your IP address is saved when you log in for legal reasons.

§2 License

The creator hereby grants the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable, unlimited time and place license to use the images he/she has posted on asmc.com for the permitted uses listed below under §3. Both editorial and commercial use of the image material is permitted.

Excluded is a use in image databases, image catalogs and similar image collections.

§3 Types of use

The following types of use are granted:

  • The right of reproduction and distribution, d. H. the right to reproduce and distribute the image material as desired within the scope of the specified types of use - also on other than the originally used image / sound / data carriers - and / or to have it reproduced and / or distributed.

  • The right of access and online, i.e. the right to provide the image material using analog, digital or other storage or remote data transmission technology, with or without intermediate storage, wireless or by cable.

  • Printing rights, d. H. the right to use the image material within the scope of the license type mentioned above for the production, duplication and distribution of illustrated or non-illustrated books, booklets and other printed matter. Use in picture catalogs and related picture collections is excluded.

  • The videogram law, d. H. the right to evaluate the image material by duplication and distribution on analog and digital image / sound / data carriers of any kind. The videogram rights include in particular all storage media (image / sound carriers) of all kinds (CD, DVD etc.)

  • The right to advertise, d. H. the right to use the image material unchanged for advertising purposes, example in program previews, on television, in the cinema, in printed form (advertisements, posters, program announcements etc.), telephone value-added services, on the Internet pop-up windows, advertising banners etc.), these forms of advertising are however not conclusive.

  • The restricted processing rights are the right to edit the image material using analog, digital or other image processing methods as follows: changing the image size (enlargement, reduction, cropping), converting the color information, changing the color, contrast and brightness values. The creator retains the right to make other changes to the image material.

All other rights to the images, including all copyrights and other industrial property rights relating to the image material, remain with the creator.

§4 Freedom of remuneration

The creator waives any remuneration from the user for granting the usage rights of the mentioned material.


We reserve the right to change or extend these terms of use at any time if necessary.


The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.

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