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Offer - Conclusion of Contract

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The product presentation from ASMC, especially in Leaflets, Catalogs, Advertisements and on the Internet, are not binding offers from ASMC.

  1. On our website we inform the buyer of our products. Our offers are not-binding and without obligation, unless explicitly designated as binding.
  2. Your order represents for us an offer for a purchase contract.
    After you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. This confirms the receipt of your order and contains the details of your order. The order confirmation however does not constitute acceptance of your offer. It shows you only the receipt of your order with us. A contract comes to stand more with the delivery confirmation or delivery of the goods.
    Errors can be corrected before the final submission of the order (step 3 in the order process: Place Order) by checking the order summary and correcting directly or after pressing the "back" button of your browser to the previous page.
    Subsequently, the ordered merchandise will be made ready for shipment and you will receive an e-mail order confirmation / invoice. With this declaration, we accept your contract offer, first the receipt of this e-mail constitutes a valid contract for the goods listed therein. When buying in person at one off our stores, conclusion of the contract is achieved by receipt of the merchandise. If you do not receive within two weeks, a delivery confirmation or delivery of the goods, you are no longer bound by this order.
  3. All agreements met between the buyer and us in connection with the purchase contracts are recorded in writing in the order confirmation / invoice and these conditions.
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