FAQ - Age Verification

Why do we need a Age Verification?

German law requires for specific items that prior to sending the item we must have some kind of proof of age. This means that the acquirer must have at least 14 resp. 18 years depending on the article. Items which require such proof are specially marked with an ID-card.

How can i bring proof of age?

Send by mail::

Gewerbepark Klinkenthal 55
66578 Schiffweiler
Send by Fax:

Within Germany
0800-27 62 33 01 - fax transmissions inside Germany are free

Outside Germany
+49 1805-27 62 44

(Adjust the Copy as bright as possible, so that everything is readable.)

Send by E-Mail:

simply and securely via contact form or info@asmc.com
Send by Upload:

Comfortably upload your proof of age direct into your account. Details

Why must I send a Age Verification?

As we do not know about all legal restrictions in each individual country we have set up the rule that only the acquirer is responsible for the respect of his local laws. We therefore deny any liablity resulting from the non-respect of any kind of law outside of Germany.

If you reside within the Federal Republic of Germany you are requested to follow German law.

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