Pistol Walther P22Q
Pistol Walther P22Q Pistol Walther P22QPistol Walther P22QPistol Walther P22Q

Pistol Walther P22Q

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Information about Pistol Walther P22Q

The Walther P22Q is the 9 mm blank firing version of the WALTHER P22 and is optically exact to the original. A revised, metal reinforced dismantling frame offers more stability, the frame is held in addition by an in to the handle piece inverted guide ball. The handle piece of WALTHER P22Q with the new Hi-Grip®-surface ensures an optimized handling. A modern gas/signal weapon in caliber 9 mm P.A.K.

New design in PPQ look:
- improved handling due to the new surface structure
- ...

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