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Summit to Eat Tasty Selection Set

Summit to Eat Tasty Selection Set

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Summit to Eat is the successor of the proven outdoor food Mountain House and is produced by the same company. Tailored to the outdoor and adventure tourism market, Summit to Eat offers a variety of light-weight and pack-sized meals, so you do not have to go without tasty food on your outings.
All meals are freeze-dried and can be quickly and easily transformed into a delicious meal by simply adding hot water.
The meal can either be prepared in a pot or hot water can be poured directly into the bag and served, the bag does not effect the taste or smell of the product. When stored properly, the product is stable for 7 years from the date of manufacture.
The package includes a selection of the bestsellers with 6 x main courses + 2 x breakfast + 2 x dessert and is perfect for one person for a few days or for a group.

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese
Note: For preparation, 260 ml water is needed.

- Filling weight (dry): 80 g
- Ready to eat: 370 g

Ingredients: Cooked scrambled eggs (pasteurized whole eggs, sunflower oil, skimmed powder,
lemon juice, salt, white pepper) (75%), cheese sauce mixture (whole milk, cream (milk), onion cubes, grated red Leicester cheese, (milk), grated mozzarella cheese (milk), rapeseed oil, cornflour, salt, white pepper) (25%)

Oats with Raspberries
Note: For preparation, 225 ml water is needed.

- Filling weight (dry): 91 g
- Ready to eat: 327 g

Ingredients: Whole milk (55%), cream (milk), (19%), oatmeal (17%), white sugar, freeze-dried raspberries (1%).

Pasta Bolognese
Note: For preparation, 360 ml water is needed.

- Filling weight (dry): 136 g
- Ready to eat: 496 g

Ingredients: Cooked dry pasta (wheat) (12%), chopped tomatoes 30%, tomato paste, cooked beef cubes 15%, onion cubes (14%), rapeseed oil, chopped garlic, Italian herbal mixture, salt.

Chicken Tikka with Rice
Note: For preparation, 350 ml water is needed.

- Filling weight (dry): 126 g
- Ready to eat: 476 g

Ingredients: Long grain rice (33%), chopped tomatoes (14%), onion cubes (14%), cooked chicken cubes (13%), cream (milk) (7%), natural yogurt (milk) (6%), rapeseed oil, tikka curry paste (wine vinegar, tomato paste, sunflower oil, ginger, garlic, coriander, caram masala, ground coriander, sugar, paprika, sea salt, skimmed milk powder, lemon juice concentrate, ground cumin, ground boxhorn clover, ground cardamom, chili powder, lactic acid, bay leaves, thickening agent (xanthan gum), preservatives (Ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate), garlic, cornflour, chili powder.

Mexican Chicken Fajita with Rice
Note: For preparation, 275 ml water is needed.

- Filling weight (dry): 128 g
- Ready to eat: 403 g

Ingredients: White long grain rice (30%), cooked chicken cubes (12%), chopped tomatoes (12%), onion cubes (13%), paprika cubes (9%), sweet corn (9%), fajita paste (onion powder,
sunflower oil, lemon juice, sugar, garlic, paprika, salt, cumin, chili powder), kidney beans (3%), cornflour, salt

Beef and Potato Stew
Note: For preparation, 360 ml water is needed.

- Filling weight (dry): 118 g
- Ready to eat: 478 g

Potato cubes (39%), cooked strips of beef (10%), carrot cubes (11%), green beans (11%), onion cubes (11%), rapeseed oil, pureed tomatoes, cornflour, salt, white pepper.

Salmon and Broccoli Pasta
Note: For preparation, 280 ml water is needed.

Ingredients: whole milk (28%), pasta (wheat) (14%), pink salmon in cubes (fish) (14%), cream (milk) (14%), onion cubes (13%), broccoli florets (10%), Rapeseed oil, cornstarch, salt, white pepper.

Macaroni & Cheese
Note: For preparation, 175 ml water is needed.

- Filling weight (dry): 112 g
- Ready to eat: 287 g

Ingredients: Cooked Dry Pasta (Wheat) (16%), Whole Milk (28%), Cream (Milk) (20%), Onion Cube (10%), Grated Red Leicester - Cheese (Milk) (7%), Grated Cheddar - Cheese (milk) (7%), grated mozzarella cheese (milk) (3%), rapeseed oil, cornflour, salt, white pepper.

Rice Pudding with Strawberries
Note: For preparation, 155 ml water is needed.

- Filling weight (dry): 86 g
- Ready to eat: 351 g

Ingredients: White long grain rice (28%), cream (milk) (26%), whole milk (22%), sugar, rice flour, freeze-dried strawberry cubes (1%).

Chocolate Mousse with Granola and Cherries
Note: For preparation, 145 ml water is needed.

- Filling weight (dry): 97 g
- Ready to eat: 254 g

Ingredients: Chocolate cream (white sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, modified starch, raising agent, sodium bicarbonate) (83%), roasted oatmeal (oatmeal, sugar, rapeseed oil, honey (15%), freeze-dried, cut sour cherries (18%).
Color: Multicoloured, Yellow
Weight: 1.1 kg
Manufacturer: Summit to Eat
Categories: Meals / Rations
State: New
EAN: 4051378727194
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    Grundsätzlich nicht schlecht und für einen Ausflug reicht es. Satt wird man auch. Allerdings kommt nichts gegen Mamas Bolognese an!

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