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Suunto Compass M-9 Suunto Compass M-9
EUR 36.59
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Suunto Compass Clipper Suunto Compass Clipper
EUR 20.33
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Suunto Compass A-10 Suunto Compass A-10
EUR 26.43
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Suunto Compass A-30 Suunto Compass A-30
EUR 40.66
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Suunto MCB NH Mirror Compass Suunto MCB NH Mirror Compass
EUR 30.49
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Suunto Compass MC-2 Global Suunto Compass MC-2 Global
EUR 89.38 EUR 86.42
in stock
Suunto Compass M-3 Global Suunto Compass M-3 Global
EUR 68.12
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Suunto Compass MC-2 Suunto Compass MC-2
EUR 73.20
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Suunto Compass MB-6 Suunto Compass MB-6
EUR 83.37
in stock
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Suunto Compass M-3 NH Suunto Compass M-3 NH
EUR 45.76 EUR 40.66
in stock
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Suunto Wristwatch Core All black Suunto Wristwatch Core All black
EUR 334.53 EUR 219.62
in stock

Suunto measuring instruments for passionate athletes with the highest demands

Finnish surveyor Tuomas Vohlonen founded the family business Suunto in 1936 and began manufacturing wrist-worn magnetic compasses. Both the production facility and the company headquarters are still in Vantaa, Finland, with Suunto itself having belonged to the sports equipment manufacturer Amer Sports since 1999.

Reliable sports instruments for all situations

To this day, Suunto is a leader in the development and manufacture of sports computers for mountaineering and diving as well as in the areas of fitness, skiing, golf, climbing and sailing. The company's instruments have received multiple awards for their precise measurement data as well as for their reliability and design. So it is not surprising that the brand's sports computers support countless athletes worldwide - whether in leisure or competitive sports - with their functionality and aesthetics.

Questions and answers about Suunto

Who are multi function sports watches designed for?

Since the manufacturer has combined technical precision with sporty functionality in its measuring instruments, the multifunction watches have a wide user community. Accordingly, most Suunto watches have an altimeter and depth gauge in addition to a chronograph, a calendar, two time zones, a weather function and are ideal for runners, mountaineers, divers and other athletes in almost every sport. Because the associated programs provide reliable and accurate data even after the sport, individual training can be monitored and optimized precisely.