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Optimally Protected Against Harsh Weather with Bundeswehr and Camouflage Gaiters

With our selection of gaiters, you are prepared for any expedition and even adverse weather conditions – no matter where you go.

Gaiters Provide Additional Protection from Ankle to Knee

Gaiters, also known as "gaiters" in English, offer several protective functions: they prevent moisture from entering footwear, protect against injuries from thorns or underbrush, and to some extent, keep ticks from getting under clothing. Gaiters are lightweight and compact, which is why it is always recommended to have a pair on longer trips. They also work very well as a complement to a poncho, as the latter only protects up to the knees. Gaiters are usually secured with hooks on the shoe and just below the knee. Some models are also held in place with straps that pass under the shoe. They can be put on and taken off in no time, which is the greatest advantage over full-body rain protection clothing, which is more cumbersome and time-consuming to put on. Especially when on the go, sudden rain, for example, this is a significant advantage.

Questions: Gaiters

What do gaiters protect against?

Against dirt, moisture, thorns, and ticks. However, gaiters are usually not completely waterproof, so moisture can penetrate, for example, through uncovered seams. So they do not replace waterproof boots. Nevertheless, they can provide a significant initial barrier against wet shoes.

Which gaiters for which purpose?

For mountain hikes or climbing tours, more robust models are recommended, which also contribute to stabilization. If heavy rainfall is expected, gaiters with membranes should be preferred. Regarding size, it is best to base it on your shoe size, unless a universal size is offered.