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Field Jackets from ASMC for Duty and Leisure

Military jackets and Bundeswehr parkas are essential parts of every soldier's basic equipment. They are equipped with many practical features that make everyday service life easier and are capable of withstanding the rugged demands of duty. At ASMC, you'll find a variety of proven military jackets in various colors and camouflage patterns. We offer a wide selection of field jackets for professional and leisure use from premium brands such as Leo Köhler, UF Pro, and many more!

Not Just for Duty: Bundeswehr Parkas and Military Jackets from ASMC!

Field jackets are equipped with many practical features that make the daily work of military personnel easier. Among the characteristic main features of Bundeswehr parkas are numerous pockets in various sizes, creating plenty of storage space for the gear to be carried. This allows the user to have necessary equipment directly on hand and easily accessible at all times. Finally, field jackets and Bundeswehr parkas are highly valued for their rugged materials. To withstand the rugged demands of everyday duty, the materials are particularly durable and easy to care for. Also in terms of wearing comfort, military jackets leave little to be desired: Bundeswehr parkas are intentionally cut slightly wider to not restrict the wearer in their activities and ensure optimal freedom of movement at all times. But not only in duty have field jackets proven themselves: Thanks to their excellent, functional wearing properties, Bundeswehr parkas and military jackets are becoming increasingly popular and are also gladly worn for leisure activities. The characteristic features of field jackets make them real all-rounders that are not only practical but also look good.

Military Jackets for Every Day!

Primarily, the field jackets and Bundeswehr parkas are available in the corresponding army colors. Whether in the classic Flecktarn of the Bundeswehr or other well-known camouflage colors like Multicam or Woodland: The range at ASMC is extensive and offers the right field jackets for all needs. Even rare variants like snow camouflage or tiger stripe have found a place in the assortment. For those who want to enjoy the excellent properties of field jackets also in urban terrain and prefer a more understated look, the military jackets and Bundeswehr parkas are also available in plain solid colors like black or olive.

Cult Jacket Bundeswehr Parka: Old but Gold!

Field jackets are equally appreciated for their functionality as well as for their wearing comfort. Their rugged materials make the military jackets virtually indestructible and the ideal companion through the cold, wet seasons. Especially the Bundeswehr Parka M65 knows how to convince and has already gained real cult status among military jackets. The time-tested classic according to Bundeswehr quality standards has proven itself over decades and has confidently accompanied many military personnel through their service time. The original Bundeswehr parka scores with its ubiquitous, timeless design and is gladly worn at any time even in urban terrain!

Questions: Field Jackets

Many field jackets feature a Velcro strip in the chest area to securely attach a rank loop or name tape to the garment. Due to the frequent combination of cotton and synthetic materials, the jacket is particularly easy to care for and combines a low weight with high wearing comfort.