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Mechanix Wear

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Mechanix Gloves Element black Mechanix Gloves Element black
EUR 37.61
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Mechanix Gloves Recon black Mechanix Gloves Recon black
EUR 51.85
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Gloves Mechanix Wear M-Pact2 Covert Gloves Mechanix Wear M-Pact2 Covert
EUR 40.66 EUR 37.62
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Gloves Mechanix M-Pact 3, coyote Gloves Mechanix M-Pact 3, coyote
EUR 50.74 EUR 49.81
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Mechanix Icon Snapback Hat black Mechanix Icon Snapback Hat black
EUR 30.49 EUR 29.48
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10 %
Mechanix Wear Gloves FastFit wolf gray Mechanix Wear Gloves FastFit wolf gray
EUR 20.33 EUR 18.29
in stock
17 %

Mechanix Wear

As a leading premium supplier of professional protective gloves, Mechanix Wear is particularly popular in police and military circles. The California manufacturer knows how to combine maximum protection and unrestricted resilience with excellent wearing properties. For over 25 years, the high-precision gloves have proven themselves under the toughest conditions and met the high requirements of a demanding target group.

Maximum protection and precision

Mechanix Wear has a wide range of products which cover a wide range of activities: from robust all-round gloves to tactical hand protection, Mechanix has is the right model for every purpose.

Together with the authorities and NASCAR teams, Mechanix conducts numerous practical tests that serve as the basis for the development and optimization of the products. In this way, the manufacturer can ensure that the gloves meet the high requirements in the field and daily use.

The focus in product development is on providing users with maximum protection and security without sacrificing the gripping feeling. For this Mechanix uses extremely high-quality and abrasion-resistant materials that not only protect against external influences, but also enable a high degree of dexterity in delicate work.

Gloves for professionals

The California company has its roots in motorsport. Guided by the intention of providing the mechanics in the pit with a model that does not restrict their freedom of movement or dexterity, but still offers reliable hand protection, Mechanix Wear presented its first model in 1991.

After more than 25 years, the US manufacturer has made a name for itself far beyond motorsport with a wide variety of work and protective gloves. The consistently hard development work has made Mechanix Wear the undisputed market leader for professional gloves and has met the high demands of numerous units.