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Ortlieb Water Bag Ortlieb Water Bag
EUR 28.46
in stock
Ortlieb Document Bag A5 Ortlieb Document Bag A5
EUR 14.23
in stock
Ortlieb Water Bag 4 liters Ortlieb Water Bag 4 liters
EUR 23.38
in stock
Ortlieb Duffel 60 Liter olive Ortlieb Duffel 60 Liter olive
EUR 153.53
in stock
Ortlieb Water Bag 2 liters Ortlieb Water Bag 2 liters
EUR 18.29
in stock
Ortlieb drinktube Ortlieb drinktube
EUR 18.29
in stock

Waterproof outdoor products from Ortlieb for athletes, military and campers

It was personal experience in rainy southern England that gave company founder Hartmut Ortlieb the inspiration. Waterproof equipment is needed so that people can enjoy their outdoor experience. Drenched himself, he came up with a brilliant business idea and founded ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH in Nürnberg, Germany in 1982. Since then many other products such as sleeping bags, first-aid kits and other useful accessories have emerged from the initial pack bags.

An extensive product range ensures functionality

The ORTLIEB product range is very extensive and specializes in equipment for the military, bikers, campers and participants in a wide variety of outdoor adventures. All products are  high quality and absolutely waterproof. Not only do the various pack sacks and valuables bags ensure weatherproof transport, they also keep the sleeping bag dry which is essential when on the go. Furthermore, the folding bucket developed for transporting water is indispensable for mountaineering and desert tours, as is the practical drinking tube or coffee filter holder.

Questions and Answers to Ortlieb

What material are ORTLIEB products made of?

The base material consists of Nylon and UV-resistant Polyurethane. These guarantee their stability and water resistance.

How do the pack sacks offered differ?

Their volume, weight and size which are based on their intended use.