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Fleece Jackets

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Pentagon Fleece Jacket Perseus black Pentagon Fleece Jacket Perseus black
EUR 87.44 EUR 81.33
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Dutch Fleece Jacket Used Dutch Fleece Jacket Used
EUR 25.41
in stock
Fleece Jacket Combat coyote tan Fleece Jacket Combat coyote tan
EUR 58.96
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Under Armour Fleece Jacket 1/2 Zip pitch Under Armour Fleece Jacket 1/2 Zip pitch
EUR 56.93 EUR 51.24
in stock
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Pentagon Fleece Jacket Perseus olive Pentagon Fleece Jacket Perseus olive
EUR 87.44 EUR 81.33
in stock
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Brandit Jacket Teddy Fleece darkcamo Brandit Jacket Teddy Fleece darkcamo
EUR 50.83 EUR 40.66
in stock
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Pinewood Jacket Finnveden Fleece black Pinewood Jacket Finnveden Fleece black
EUR 60.96 EUR 57.95
in stock

Fleece Jackets in a Wide Selection at ASMC

We offer a wide range of warming fleece jackets for everyday use. Manufacturers such as Under Armour, Berghaus, or Pentagon offer various models for sports and leisure, providing the best comfort. All fleece vests in our lineup stand out for their excellent value for money and are a must-have in any wardrobe.

Fleece Vests: Easy Care, Comfortable, and Versatile!

Fleece jackets are the perfect companion for outdoor tours thanks to their functional wearing properties. The material keeps you warm without restricting its breathability and air permeability. Fleece vests are also always popularly worn because they feel pleasantly soft on the skin and do not scratch.

Additionally, fleece jackets are extremely easy to care for and their polyester fibers can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Another big plus of fleece vests is that the materials dry quickly. Fleece jackets keep the body warm at all times and convince with low weight. They are moisture-repellent and reliably insulate during all activities.

What Makes the Fabric of Fleece Jackets

The materials of fleece jackets differ in their properties, making them suitable for various applications. In principle, it can be said that not all fleece is the same!

This is expressed, for example, in the material density: The specification of 100-weight fleece for fleece vests and jackets indicates a thinner material density than 200-weight fleece. This also means that the weight of fleece jackets with lower material density is significantly lower than vice versa. Thus, a 100-weight fleece vest is suitable as a lightweight summer jacket, while a 200-weight fleece jacket reliably warms the wearer on cold days. The denser fabric keeps out the cold in winter and reliably retains the existing warmth. Therefore, fleece jackets also differ in the degree of their breathability. High-quality fleece vests are capable of regulating the climate: They insulate for existing body warmth while still ensuring sufficient ventilation to the outside for excess heat.

Fleece Vests for Every Occasion

The different material properties mentioned above also differentiate the applications of fleece jackets. While fleece vests made of lightweight microfleece are almost windproof, fleece jackets made of this material are primarily suitable for colder days.

In contrast, fleece vests with lower material density combine the best breathability with the insulating wearing properties of the fabrics, ensuring a balanced and pleasant body climate even on warmer days.

Thanks to the different material properties, fleece jackets can be combined as desired with other clothing items and worn in a layering system. And it is precisely these properties that make fleece vests so versatile and the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

Questions: Fleece Jackets

What Heat Performance Do Fleece Jackets Provide?

The heat performance of fleece vests depends on their material density. While fleece jackets made of 300-weight fleece are suitable as classic transitional jackets or thick insulation layers in winter, fleece vests with a density of 100 grams per square meter are used in summer or for sports activities. In between are fleece jackets with 200-weight fleece, which can be worn as midlayers almost all year round.

How Are Fleece Vests Worn?

Fleece jackets are usually worn close to the body, without being too tight and restricting the wearer's activities. Only in this way can they function reliably and insulate optimally. When buying fleece vests, the wearer should ensure that there is not too much space between the insulation layer and the body, through which heat is lost. In addition, fleece jackets should be cut long enough at the back so that the kidney area is optimally protected even when stretching. For choosing the right size, we are happy to refer to the ASMC size chart!