Altitude Meters Support Many Outdoor Activities

Altitude meters come in various forms. They can be integrated into a watch or carried as an external device. The display of values is clear and precise.

Altitude Meters Are Easy to Use

An altitude meter displays height above sea level. Depending on the device type, the display can be digital or with a traditional pointer. Devices worn on the wrist like a watch are very practical. Similar to a chronograph, they often display not only altitude but also air pressure, temperature, date, and time with a single glance. This is particularly useful during expeditions, missions, or other outdoor activities where these values are crucial. External devices, on the other hand, need to be held in hand to read values, but they have larger displays for better visibility.

Expert Tip:

Rule of Thumb for Altitude Measurement Without Technical Aids

You need a so-called isosceles and rectangular forester inchstick triangle. With this, you can determine the height of a tree. One side must be parallel to the tree, the other parallel to the ground - you look at the top of the triangle. If the tree top is visible above the long side, add the distance from the measurer to the tree plus the eye height of the measurer to determine the tree's height.

There is another method where you bend down and look through your legs. Here, for example, the height of a tower is measured or calculated using the Pythagorean theorem (a2+b2=c2). This method incorporates stride length or distance to the tower and stride height.

Questions: Altitude Meters

Is there a difference between altitude meter and altimeter?

No, both are synonyms.

What techniques does such a device use to measure altitude?

Altitude measurement can be barometric, using laser beams, microwaves (or radar), sound, or GPS. Different models use different techniques.

What does "Normalnull" mean?

This characteristic with the abbreviation "NN" was the officially defined reference height until 1992 and thus the zero level. It is not to be used synonymously with above sea level and applies only in Germany.

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