Ponchos and Rain Protection for Dry Comfort in Any Weather

Reliable rain protection is essential for outdoor activities: We offer a wide selection of ponchos, rain jackets, and pants to help you brave any weather!

Dependable Rainwear for Outdoor Activities

For ideal protection against wind and moisture, ponchos are versatile essentials that also serve as reliable all-rounders. They effectively repel heavy rain, double as shelter from wind or camouflage, and can even be used as ground covers to protect all your gear from wetness. Ponchos made from military-grade materials are particularly robust, though they may be heavier. After use, these covers can be folded into a compact size using compression straps and can also function as summer sleeping bags with a poncho liner. Ponchos are popular among cyclists for their ability to easily cover handlebars and provide hand protection from rain. Equipped with hoods, ponchos are suitable for both men and women. In the outdoor realm, additional rain protection is provided by pants made from nylon or other synthetic fabrics that repel moisture as the outermost layer of clothing. For optimal protection against moisture ingress, these pants should feature high-quality leg closures. Like ponchos and rain jackets, these pants are typically constructed with multiple layers and membranes to ensure optimal body climate.

Expert Tip: Turning Your Poncho into a Clothes Dryer

In emergencies, you can dry your clothes by kneeling under your poncho with a lit candle or Esbit tablet. Be cautious to avoid any accidental burning! The heat generated under the poncho will help warm you up and dry your clothing somewhat.

Questions: Ponchos

What size should I choose?

If you don't have a separate backpack cover, opt for a larger poncho that can also protect your backpack from rain. Gaiters are ideal accessories to protect regions below the knees from rain and moisture.

Can the poncho be used as a shelter substitute?

If you're not planning to sleep outdoors but can't rule it out, a poncho is the perfect companion. Ensure the model has eyelets where you can secure the poncho as a tarp.

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