Berets Are Not Just Berets – Especially in Military Terms

These flat, round head coverings clearly indicate to which troop type a soldier belongs.

A Military Headgear with Clear Statement and Function

Berets are essential for every military outfit – at least when a helmet is not required. They not only give the wearer a distinctive, personal feature but also make a statement. Badges and colors reveal the unit in which a soldier serves, fostering esprit de corps. Wool felt is the material of choice for these head coverings. A range of sizes ensures optimal fit for every head. Features like drawstrings, ventilation eyelets, reinforced badge areas, and sweatbands enhance comfort.

Questions: Berets

What do the colors of the headgear signify?

They identify different troop types. Some examples: Infantry wears green berets, paratroopers and army aviation wear burgundy red, black is for armored troops, coral red berets are worn by combat support troops like military police and signal troops. Officer candidates traditionally wear navy blue. Occasionally, there are references to commando berets, but this generic term does not denote a specific color as it is more of an overarching term.

Who wears which beret and when?

Our range includes numerous original Bundeswehr models or other authentic designs for both men and women. Whether as part of a military dress code, for a specific occasion, or as a fashionable statement, the beret is more than just an external marker. It is often said in the army that one must earn their beret.

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