Everything for Outdoor Cooking

To ensure you can prepare a warm meal anywhere, we offer a wide selection of stoves for your gear. In addition to traditional gas and petrol stoves, our range includes hobos and Esbit stoves depending on your needs. Our top brands like Bushcraft Essentials, Kelly Kettle, or Trangia are experts in their field and have been impressing demanding customers with their outdoor stoves for many years. To ensure you start your next adventure well-equipped, we also offer the appropriate accessories. From fire starters to windshields for your stove, you'll find everything a camper's heart desires. Browse through our selection and secure the best deals for outdoor cooking!

Which Stove for Your Needs?

If you're looking for the right outdoor stove for your trips, you have several options to choose from. In addition to traditional gas or petrol stoves, you can also choose from a Kelly Kettle, a hobo stove, or an Esbit stove. To help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each stove, we've summarized the key benefits of each.

Gas Stove

Gas stoves are highly popular among outdoor enthusiasts and are commonly taken on adventures. These stoves use gas cartridges and allow you to prepare a hot meal anywhere. You can choose between stoves suitable for pierceable or screw-on cartridges.

Gas stoves are favored for outdoor cooking due to their adjustable flame and ease of use, making them ideal for beginners to quickly prepare meals. Another advantage is that gas cartridges are widely available throughout Europe, so you can leave the cartridge at home during air travel and purchase a new one on site.

However, the drawback is the added weight of a gas cartridge in your backpack. Additionally, the temperature range varies depending on the type of gas used. If you plan to use your gas stove in sub-zero temperatures, consider a stove with a pre-heat loop.

If you're looking to upgrade your gear with a gas stove, check out all the highlights from our range here.

Petrol Stove

The disadvantages of a gas stove are the advantages of a petrol stove. This type of outdoor cooking is ideal for use in sub-zero temperatures. Another advantage is that petrol is available almost everywhere. Additionally, petrol stoves offer higher heating power compared to gas stoves.

The clear disadvantage is that petrol stoves are very odorous and produce a lot of soot, especially during the pre-heating phase. This requires more maintenance compared to a gas stove, and regulating a petrol stove requires more experience. If you're a pro, follow this link to get one of our highly coveted petrol stoves. To the petrol stoves

Esbit Stove

The Esbit stove has also proven itself many times over as a practical partner for outdoor use. ESBIT stands for "Erich Schumms solid fuel in tablet form". The Esbit stove uses solid fuel tablets and is commonly used not only for camping but also in the military.

The Esbit tablets are compact and easy to transport. Their small size allows you to stow your Esbit stove in any pocket. Another advantage of this stove is its consistent burning, ensuring a constant intensity of heat and avoiding the regulation issues of a petrol stove.

However, the disadvantage of the Esbit stove is that the tablets are highly sensitive to moisture and need to be well-packaged. Additionally, like the petrol stove, the Esbit stove is very odorous and produces a lot of soot. Due to reduced energy, cooking time is longer compared to a petrol stove.

We offer Esbit stoves in various sizes in our range. Check out our offerings here.

Hobo Stove

Of course, outdoor stoves wouldn't be complete without hobos. The chimney effect allows lighter combustion gases to rise, resulting in high heat development. Combined with steady airflow, this creates intense flames.

The Hobo stove only requires small branches or twigs as fuel. This allows you to operate largely autonomously with this outdoor stove, saving weight on additional fuel in your gear. A Hobo stove is also a real highlight for those who prefer an open flame.

The drawbacks of the Hobo stove primarily relate to fire safety. The open flame can cause sparks, increasing the risk of wildfires. When cooking outdoors with a Hobo stove, it's important to use a fireproof base to catch embers and prevent the ground from igniting due to intense heat.

Curious? You can find Hobo stoves from our range here.

Everything for Outdoor Cooking!

Of course, outdoor cooking requires more than just stoves in your gear! To start your next adventure well-equipped, we also offer the appropriate accessories. From fire starters to fuels and matches, we have everything you need.

We've also added plenty of pans and pots to our outdoor kitchen range. Choose from various sizes to easily prepare soups, meats, and more. Whether stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon steel – you'll find exactly what you're looking for!

If you're not fully equipped for your next adventure yet, take a look at our pots and pans category here. You'll find everything a camper's heart desires!

Frequently Asked Questions: Outdoor Stoves

1) Which outdoor stove is right for you?

The answer depends on your preferences and intended use. If you prefer an open flame, we recommend a hobo stove. If you prefer a safe outdoor stove without large flames, a gas stove is likely your best choice. When choosing the right outdoor stove, consider the required fuels as well. While you can find twigs and branches almost anywhere for the hobo stove, obtaining a gas cartridge can be more challenging in some regions.

2) How can I ensure my fire doesn't go out?

In most cases, strong wind prevents your fire from starting properly. To solve this and make your outdoor adventure easier, we also offer a suitable windscreen. This allows you to have a small fire almost anywhere and in any weather conditions. To save you time searching, we're linking you to our practical windscreen for your outdoor stove here.

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