Suspenders as a Complement to Gear

From military operations to demanding trekking tours, the applications for robust and contemporary suspenders ensure secure fit of functional pants during all movements and maneuvers - not just for men.

Choosing the Right Suspenders for Elevated Needs

Almost all suspenders in our range are adjustable in length through loops and tabs to fit individual body sizes. Before initial use, precise adjustment to personal body measurements is crucial.
Important: Suspenders should provide comfortable and secure fit not only when standing but also during all body movements. To test optimal fit and length, numerous activities with this equipment should be conducted to ensure comfort in the field.
Attachment of suspenders to clothing is done through various methods, such as clips/velcro, buttons, buttonholes for attaching to specific leather pant buttons, or secure hooks. Depending on planned activities, consider which attachment method meets personal needs.

Questions: Suspenders

What variants of suspenders are available at ASMC?

All our suspenders are not just a classic addition to everyday attire but are part of high-quality equipment for trekking tours, maneuvers, and other activities. Of course, camouflage suspenders can also be used in leisure or even provocatively at traditional costume parades or Oktoberfest as a style element. In addition to classic variants worn over the shoulders, we also offer wide and narrow elastic bands that are more stretchable and flexible than traditional suspenders. Furthermore, our online shop features crisscrossing variants inspired by US military equipment, suitable for sports and more. Color variations include popular shades such as black, brown, and green.

Which suspenders should be chosen for which activity?

For hikes or trekking trips, robust elastic bands designed specifically for holding leisure and sports pants are generally sufficient. These ensure the pants stay securely in place during countless movements. Complex harness-style suspenders found here at ASMC, however, are the best choice for field exercises and similar activities and can also be used with poorly fitting jeans or leather pants.

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