Trekking Boots for Every Terrain at ASMC

We offer a wide range of high-quality trekking boots from top brands like Lowa, Hanwag, or Haix. The hiking boots in our lineup have proven themselves on various terrains, providing optimal grip and stability even off paved paths. Our premium brands deliver superior comfort and are suitable for demanding terrain and hiking adventures.

Hiking Boots from ASMC for Every Terrain

With hiking boots from ASMC, nothing stands in the way of pure outdoor enjoyment. Our trekking boots from top brands like Lowa or Hanwag have proven themselves over the years in diverse terrain, satisfying many customers during challenging tours in various landscapes.

Most mid-height trekking boots extend above the ankle, ensuring optimal stability for the wearer at all times. Thus, hiking boots prevent twisting on slippery, rocky terrain, thereby effectively preventing injuries. Trekking boots provide ample ankle support and offer better grip on all hikes.

Characteristic of hiking boot soles is their profiled and non-slip nature. The sophisticated sole constructions also ensure fatigue-free walking, making them particularly suitable for longer tours in challenging terrain.

Hiking boots impress demanding users especially in terms of durability: The exceptionally robust materials of trekking boots are generally abrasion-resistant and equipped with a waterproof membrane. Furthermore, hiking boots ensure optimal foot climate due to their special membranes, typically waterproof without compromising breathability.

All in all, trekking boots from our premium brands are indispensable for uninterrupted outdoor enjoyment and reliable companions in any weather and terrain.

Mehr Sicherheit durch zuverlässige Wanderstiefel

Thanks to their excellent wearing properties, trekking boots are an indispensable companion for demanding tours far from paved paths. The high shaft, which particularly ensures good stability around the ankle and ankle, prevents twisting to a large extent. For this reason, trekking boots can prevent serious injuries on particularly slippery, rocky paths. Some hiking boots are also equipped with special scree protection, which provides additional protection against external influences.

The high level of stability combined with unique sole constructions thus ensure optimal conditions for all tours. Hiking boots from Lowa, Hanwag, and others provide ideal grip and optimal slip resistance. The abrasion-resistant material combined with the aforementioned properties significantly reduces the risk of injury and provides more safety on all surfaces.

Fragen: Trekkingstiefel

What are Trekking Boots?

Trekking boots or hiking boots are characterized by particularly robust materials and a mid to high shaft. This ensures optimal stability even on slippery or rocky surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of injury from twisting or slipping.

How to Lace Hiking Boots Correctly?

There are several techniques for lacing hiking boots that make walking more comfortable. A targeted lacing technique not only provides better support and stability but also contributes to fatigue-free walking. The so-called "bottle lace technique" has proven particularly effective on longer tours with trekking boots. In this method, the laces are threaded through both low hooks and then pulled through the opposite low hook. It is important to tighten both laces firmly, pressing the foot into the heel box. Now the trekking boot is laced as usual, crossing over each other.

Why are Trekking Boots Important for Hiking?

High-quality hiking boots and trekking boots are equipped with many practical features that are essential for demanding tours in terrain. Many are equipped with special scree protection, which protects the foot and heel from external influences. But especially because of their special sole constructions and their mid to high shaft, trekking boots are popular for hiking. This ensures optimal grip, slip resistance, and stability. In addition to their outstanding stability, the special shoe soles also ensure fatigue-free rolling and are therefore an important and reliable companion on all tours.

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