Wide Selection of Transport Boxes at ASMC

Whether for DIY enthusiasts, military personnel, or heading to the airsoft field, transport boxes are practical and constantly in demand. They come in various sizes and offer ample space for various equipment items. Transport crates can house items such as measuring instruments, radios, or even liquids. The uses of transport boxes are diverse, allowing storage of nearly all types of items. We offer a wide range of transport boxes from renowned manufacturers like Relags or Peli Products in different sizes for every application.

Transport and Storage with Sturdy Transport Boxes from ASMC

Transport boxes have proven to be extremely important and practical storage solutions for various purposes. Our high-quality transport crates are known for their exceptional durability and versatility.

Whether for daily gear in professional settings or DIY equipment, our transport boxes accommodate almost everything. They not only facilitate the transportation of necessary gear but also aid in organizing and storing various items.

Transport crates are space-saving and establish an organizational system, ensuring everything is stored in one place and easily accessible at all times.

Some of our transport boxes are waterproof, making them ideal for devices that require dry storage and protection from moisture. These can include mobile communication devices, laptops, or documents, all of which are safeguarded from water damage in our transport boxes. Additionally, many of our transport boxes feature shock absorption to protect the equipment inside from external impacts.

Transport Boxes Made from Various Materials

We stock a variety of sturdy and robust transport boxes suitable for storing a wide range of items. However, the choice of material also dictates its specific use.

While metal transport crates are extremely durable and suitable for transporting fragile items, those made from aluminum or plastic are more commonly used for robust materials. Metal crates, therefore, carry more weight, whereas the latter are lighter and easier to handle.

Depending on the user's needs, waterproof plastic or aluminum boxes may also be suitable. We advise referring to the detailed product descriptions of our transport boxes to avoid any misunderstandings.

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