With ASMC on the Safe Side – Locks in Various Designs

Especially outside one's own four walls, it is important to constantly keep an eye on one's belongings. Locks may only partially deter thieves from helping themselves to others' things, but they do deter them nonetheless. ASMC offers a selection of different locks that ensure important items are securely stored!

For Hobby, Profession, or Travel: Reliable Locks and Security Solutions from ASMC

There are many different designs, yet they all serve the same purpose: locks are meant to protect carried equipment from thieves! Whether it's a padlock or combination lock, they are versatile and can secure suitcases, cabinets, and lockers. Locks are particularly useful during travels and are attached to luggage to prevent tampering after check-in.

ASMC carries a range of locks in various sizes and mechanisms, all ensuring necessary transport security and safeguarding personal items. From classic padlocks to combination locks with TSA specifications, as well as gear retractors and duffel bag combination locks.

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