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An outdoor vest is the ideal companion for activities in nature. The so-called angler vest is a sleeveless jacket that serves as protection against wind and weather, suitable not only for transitional seasons. We offer a wide range of outdoor vests from renowned manufacturers like Rough Stuff, Woolpower, or Carinthia in a variety of colors for outdoor and everyday use.

Versatile Angler Vest for Every Occasion

If you're looking for a versatile garment that can be worn almost year-round, an outdoor vest is sure to be the right choice! Angler vests are sleeveless jackets with materials varying in fabric thickness. For instance, purchasing an outdoor vest from Woolpower ensures a warming angler vest for cold seasons. In contrast, outdoor vests made from thin microfiber cotton blends are suitable for transitional periods or mild summer nights.

Angler vests are true all-rounders and can be combined in many ways. Whether for sports or extensive hikes, an outdoor vest is a real multi-talent that can be worn on many occasions and in almost any weather conditions.

We offer a wide selection of trusted angler vests for everyone and every occasion. In addition to plain colors like black or olive, our range includes plenty of outdoor vests in various camouflage patterns like Flecktarn, Woodland, or Multicam.

The high-quality angler vests from Rough Stuff, Carinthia, and others effectively protect against wind and weather while effectively warming the upper body. Their sleeveless cut makes these functional outdoor vests especially suitable for sports activities: they are airy and protect body parts such as the kidneys from wind and cold, significantly reducing the risk of catching a cold.

Furthermore, outdoor vests provide greater freedom of movement and do not restrict the wearer during various activities. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for sports such as climbing or fishing, where freedom of movement is crucial. This is also where the term angler vest often serves as a synonym for these proven outdoor vests.

Practical Angler Vest for Wind and Weather

Outdoor vests are characterized by their diverse materials, making them wearable almost year-round. An angler vest can be worn both as a midlayer and as the outermost layer of clothing. While those suitable as jacket replacements are primarily made from warming down or a blend of wool and polyester, midlayers come with lighter, thinner fabrics. These can be, for example, outdoor vests made from thin polyester material, ideal for transitional seasons or cooler summer nights.

Questions: Vests

Which outdoor vest is particularly suitable for cooler days?
As warming angler vests, those made from wool or synthetic fibers are particularly suitable. Outdoor vests with down or thermal lining also provide excellent thermal performance on colder days. Especially with synthetic fiber angler vests, the insulation works well even when moist: they are highly breathable and excel in retaining warmth even when damp. The same applies to wool blends: they can absorb about 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet and without compromising insulation.

What are the key points to consider when choosing an angler vest?
A slim, close-fitting cut helps retain warmth close to the body. This cut also favors wearing as a midlayer under other jackets, while more generously cut angler vests are better suited as outermost clothing layers, allowing for comfortable wear over hoodies and sweaters.

When purchasing your new outdoor vest, please also consider the product description: materials differ in their breathability, and not all are water-resistant or waterproof. Generally, angler vests are not a fundamental replacement for a jacket in bad weather. Being sleeveless, they offer only limited protection against wind and rain! For determining the correct size, we recommend referring to the ASMC size chart.

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