Camping Furniture for Every Need at ASMC

Camping furniture is an essential part of camping gear and shouldn't be missing from your adventure in nature. Whether camping chairs, folding tables, or camp beds - we have everything you need for the outdoors! We also offer a wide selection of hammocks to suit every taste. Browse through our extensive range of camping furniture now and prepare yourself for your next outdoor adventure!

Camping Furniture for Outdoor Comfort

Whether you're traveling with a camper or planning to sleep in a tent, camping furniture is essential for a cozy evening by the campfire or a communal breakfast with other campers.

We provide a wide range of folding chairs, folding tables, camp beds, and more for outdoor use that will accompany you on your next camping trip. In addition to new items, you'll also find numerous used items from original army stocks. Our product range also includes the necessary accessories to ensure you can fully enjoy a relaxed camping trip.

Hammocks: Relaxation and Comfort under the Open Sky

Hammocks are also an important part of camping furniture for those who prefer to sleep comfortably under the open sky.

In our camping furniture category, you'll find, for example, the proven and popular hammocks from the Amazonas brand. The highly sought-after Ultra Light hammocks from this premium manufacturer impress with their thoughtful and lightweight construction. If you like to travel light and don't want to sacrifice comfort, then ASMC's hammocks are perfect for you!

Depending on the model, you also benefit from features like an integrated mosquito net or insect protection treatment, making Amazonas hammocks the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

Some models of these proven Ultra Light hammocks also come with integrated pockets for sleeping pads, allowing quick adjustment to local conditions and optimizing for individual needs.

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