Schirmmützen – Perfection with Military Uniforms

Schirmmützen are ideal for individuals who hold responsible positions and have a high rank. In the Bundeswehr, these are respected individuals who proudly and dignifiedly wear these head coverings.

Special Features of Schirmmützen

They distinguish individuals working in public service. Schirmmützen are integral parts of uniforms not only in the Air Force and Navy but also in the Army. Pilots can be identified by their airline-specific Schirmmützen. Similarly, police officers and law enforcement personnel incorporate Schirmmützen into their uniformed workdays.

Questions: Schirmmützen

What do Schirmmützen signify?

In the Bundeswehr, they adorn individuals with high ranks. Different rank hierarchies can be discerned by the design and color scheme of these head coverings. At ASMC, our Schirmmützen are distinct items for admirals, generals, or naval officers.

What is the purpose of this particular type of headgear?

In addition to its dignified design, it serves protective functions for the eyes and face against sunlight and rain.

What can ASMC Schirmmützen be used for?

For military enthusiasts, our Schirmmützen are magnificent collectibles. Some are sourced from original navy stocks. However, our models for admirals and generals can also serve official purposes.

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