Be Well-Equipped for Outdoor and Military Gear with Tactical Vests (Chest Rigs) from ASMC

Here you can find the right vest for any situation. We show what to consider when selecting and using them.

What Should Be Considered When Using?

Before using vests for the first time, make sure they are adjusted to fit the body. With the various loops, the vest can be individually adjusted to the wearer's body shape. Heavy luggage can strain the back and limit freedom of movement. Therefore, it is even more important that the vest fits tightly to the body. This allows for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. The vests in our range allow the storage of many items. Before using the vest, ensure that all pockets and compartments are securely closed.

Which Vest Is Suitable for Me?

Before selecting a suitable vest, first consider in which area it will be predominantly used. The vests in our range have very different designs. Most vests have camouflage elements that can differ in color. In addition to gray and black tones, variants with white and green color elements or in solid colors can also be found. When choosing a suitable model, focus on the compartments and pockets. While some vests offer relatively little storage space, other models have many pockets. If you want to store many items such as pocket knives, bottles, and ammunition, you should opt for more extensively equipped models. When choosing the vest, also consider whether the model has shoulder pads. For prolonged use, shoulder pads are recommended. To determine the correct size, we refer you to the ASMC size chart.

Expert Tip: How to Best Pack a Tactical Vest

For the various items to be packed, there are usually prepared loops and holders that prevent the specific item from shifting or falling out. Therefore, it is essential to pack the rig mostly as intended by the manufacturer. However, there are usually many "multi-purpose pockets" and holders where you can store the rest of your equipment as you wish. With MOLLE systems, it is practical to usually put on the vest first and then pack it. As a general rule, everything that needs to be within reach should be stored in the rig, not in the backpack.

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Questions: Vests

When Should You Choose a Vest, and When Is a Chest Rig Better?

The distinction can be fluid, but generally, rigs do not have pockets on the back, which is often the case with vests. Moreover, vests can be put on and taken off like a jacket, while rigs are seen as a complete solution that you usually slip into. This also makes the pocket on the front of the abdomen possible. Which one is more suitable is up to each individual, as there are no significant differences except for the following: If a backpack is to be worn or needs to be carried, a rig is better because there is no pocket on the back. A small advantage of vests is the better, more even weight distribution of the equipment on the body.

What Types of Vests Are There?

There are standard vests that cover the entire torso, but there are also so-called cummerbund versions, which are worn more like a large belt. Then there are versions used in police operations, which can be worn over bulletproof vests, for example.

Are There Vests with MOLLE System?

The widely used so-called MOLLE system is also often found on vests and refers to an industry standard for modular attachable additional pockets and modules. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Introduced as a military system for attaching and carrying equipment and other items, it is characterized by standardized carrying straps made of textile material, which are connected to the textile base, in this case, a vest, with multiple seams. This makes them very durable and long-lasting.

How Do Jackets and Vests Differ?

There is really only one important distinguishing feature: vests have no sleeves.

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