Field-Proven Military Watches from Top Brands at ASMC

At ASMC, you'll find a wide selection of high-quality military watches from renowned manufacturers such as KHS, G-Shock, or Suunto. Our military watches have proven themselves in many operations and are an essential part of the equipment for various military and emergency services. The design-strong military watches from our top brands stand out with many tactical features that are advantageous in everyday service life. Browse through our extensive product range now and find your new companion for duty or everyday life.

Excellent Quality, Best Performance, and Absolute Operational Suitability - These Define the Military Watches of Our Top Brands

Whether Suunto, KHS, or Traser: We deliberately select the military watches for our range and are convinced of their operational suitability. Thanks to numerous product features, our military watches withstand the challenges of everyday service life and include useful tools that are essential even during hikes.

Most of our military watches are waterproof, making them virtually unrestricted in their use and the ideal companion for any mission. Additionally, the sturdy cases make our military watches highly resistant, capable of withstanding external influences without difficulty.

Equipped with state-of-the-art measurement devices, the military watches of our top brands ensure superiority in every situation. The sophisticated radio and GPS technology ensures precise timekeeping during operations and leisure activities. Moreover, a large portion of our premium military watches feature innovative altimeters, thermometers, or digital compasses, providing reliable performance even under extreme conditions.

In particular, our KHS military watches are equipped with powerful C1 luminescent material, ensuring unrestricted readability even in darkness.

All Set and Optimal Equipped with Military Watches from ASMC

Whether on land, in water, or in the air, with our military watches from manufacturers like G-Shock from Casio or KHS, you are well-prepared for all challenges.

Their resilience combined with the accuracy of professional measuring instruments makes them reliable partners for all situations in everyday service life. Our military watches have also proven to be extremely useful companions in leisure time activities.

Notably, watches from the Casio ProTrek series appeal to our civilian customers. Thanks to various state-of-the-art measuring instruments, they have proven to be essential partners during trekking and hiking.

With our military watches, you are optimally prepared and well-equipped for all situations. Browse through our extensive product range now and find your new companion for the next outdoor adventure!

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