Buy Practical Shoulder or Canvas Bags at ASMC

Whether on a long hike, extensive trekking tour, maneuver, or a simple trip to the city, our shoulder bags and messenger bags keep you well-equipped, carrying extensive equipment directly on your body for easy access in any situation. For those preferring a more compact option, hip bags could be a viable alternative, offering quick access to essential items without restricting movement.

Customize Shoulder Bags Perfectly to Your Needs

After purchasing and unpacking our shoulder bags, it's important to adjust them to your body measurements. Almost all models come with sturdy buckles and straps that should be adjusted perfectly before the first outing. These bags not only provide comfort and adaptability but also offer practical storage options for essential items like a small knife, which should always be handy in everyday life or outdoor activities.

The same applies to the individual compartments and pockets found in all ASMC shoulder bags, providing flexible storage space. Before purchase, consider whether flexible bags with straps or classic inner and outer zippered pockets better suit your needs. The number of compartments and their layout also play a significant role. Naturally, these bags can be worn by both men and women.

Questions: Shoulder Bags

What purposes are shoulder bags suitable for?

Like all products in ASMC's online shop, the bags presented here meet high demands for excursions in rugged terrain, such as camping or trekking tours. Here, we rely exclusively on renowned brand quality from manufacturers that have been tested for many years in everyday use, providing perfect support in material and organization for any type of outdoor activity. They also offer ample space for trekking food and other essential food items needed on such tours.

Which models and designs are highly recommended?

As in many categories at ASMC, we mainly offer bags in military style, but there are also models in black, red, or brown. Additionally, you can find messenger bags and other shoulder bags in classic designs that are suitable for everyday and professional life, such as briefcases.

Are the models waterproof?

Most models are ideally water-resistant but not waterproof.

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