Well Protected with Mosquito Protection

Mosquito protection allows for a quiet and relaxed stay, no matter where you are or whether there is water nearby. ASMC shows what matters.

Considerations When Using Mosquito Protection

Before using mosquito protection for the first time, check for any damage, such as holes. When setting up the mosquito protection, ensure it is not too tight to avoid tearing due to minor impacts. Additionally, ensure the interior space of the mosquito protection provides enough room for movement, essential for longer or even permanent stays.

It is important that the mosquito protection fully encloses the area to be shielded. Small holes can allow mosquitoes and insects to enter the interior, significantly reducing the effectiveness of the mosquito net. The method of attaching the mosquito net depends on the specific product type, so it is worthwhile to consult the user manual beforehand.

Which Mosquito Protection is Right for Me?

First, decide what the mosquito protection will be used for. In addition to simple nets, complete sets can be purchased that include additional reclining or seating options. The net color may include shades of green but is mostly designed in plain black or gray. In addition to loose mosquito nets, there are also options designed to protect specific body areas such as the head.

Otherwise, the choice of mosquito net depends on personal preference. Larger nets accommodate multiple people. The right choice of mosquito protection depends especially on its intended use. ASMC offers a versatile range that provides considerable flexibility.

Expert Tip:

Turning Mosquito Protection into a Multi-Tool

In emergency situations, the net can also be used for fishing or as a throwing net for hunting. Of course, this should only be done if you have a spare net with you or if the net is no longer needed for its original purpose.

Questions: Mosquito Protection

What are the different shapes available?

Mosquito nettings come in various shapes, whether square or round, with or without suspensions. Different requirements or recommendations apply depending on the area of use. For instance, a pyramid shape would not make much sense for protecting complete seating groups.

How fine-meshed should the netting be?

It depends on the area you are traveling to. If you want protection from all possible types of insects and not just a specific mosquito species, the net should ideally be as fine-meshed as possible. In tropical regions, the requirements are naturally different compared to a local pond.

What should I do if there's a tear or enlarged hole?

Naturally, you need to notice it first. However, it is advisable to check the net daily, or at least after moving locations, to promptly identify any new holes. To repair a hole and restore full mosquito protection, it's handy to have a needle and thread in your equipment.

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