Glow Sticks Provide a Power-Free Light Source via Chemiluminescence

A light source that requires no electricity or batteries is particularly advantageous for outdoor activities. Glow sticks, which function as chemiluminescent light sticks, are therefore suitable for many outdoor activities.

A So-Called Glow Stick Is Very Easy to Use

Glow sticks are available in many different (neon) colors. They are very easy to use. The sticks are removed from the packaging and simply bent. At that moment, they start to glow in the designated color. The brightness is weaker than that of a flashlight or a light bulb. Nevertheless, it helps with orientation in completely dark environments. And last but not least, children have a lot of fun with these practical lights. They glow for up to twelve hours and can then be disposed of in household waste. Glow sticks are recommended for ages eight and up.

Glow Sticks Are Available in Various Colors

Glow sticks can be purchased individually in various colors. They are available, for example, in green, white, red, blue, purple, and yellow. The brightness is the same regardless of the color. At ASMC, glow sticks can also be purchased with batteries. These are not classic glow sticks, but battery-operated glow sticks are still a very good alternative to flashlights because their lower brightness does not create a blinding effect. All glow sticks can be used in various outdoor areas, such as camping, military use, and hiking. Glow sticks are usable independently of power sources. If the brightness is insufficient, battery-operated models may be used. However, it is necessary to bring a sufficient number of batteries. The best approach is to use both variants to ensure independence during outdoor activities.

Expert Tip:

Glow Sticks as Light Sources with Simultaneous Camouflage Use

There are glow stick models that emit light only in the infrared range and are therefore only detectable with night vision devices. This makes one practically invisible if wearing a night vision device oneself and thus able to use the light source. The human eye cannot perceive the wavelength of infrared rays. ,

Questions: Glow Sticks

By bending the rod, a small inner tube is broken, allowing the previously separated chemicals to react with each other. The reaction is also called peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence.

1 A plastic tube surrounds and protects the contents 2 Hydrogen peroxide in the glass tube 3 A phenyloxalate and fluorescent dye solution 4 Hydrogen peroxide

Many sticks are filled with non-toxic ingredients, which allows them to be disposed of in household waste. In detail: The sticks usually contain hydrogen peroxide in the glass tube, which is broken inside during the bending process. The surrounding liquid is usually a phenyloxalate (oxalic acid ester) and fluorescent dye solution (fluorophore). Good oxalic acid esters have also been proven in tests with trichlorophenol and dinitrophenols.

Depending on the stick model, the glow duration can range from 4 to 12 hours.

There is also the very common and popular term "glow sticks," especially among children. From English comes the term "glow sticks."

We offer special sticks that do not necessarily fall into the category of glow sticks, but are similar in function. For example, McNett sticks with photoluminescent pigment technology can be charged well during the day with normal daylight and then release their stored energy in the dark. Then there are mini versions of standard glow sticks. They cost very little in packs of 10 and also take up correspondingly less space. We also have the popular party sticks, which are especially long and thin and can be shaped well. And finally, there are models that are battery-operated and can therefore be used repeatedly. These usually work with LED technology, as it is particularly energy-efficient.

Often it is stated that this weakly glowing light does not attract mosquitoes, which can be considered one of its greatest advantages. In addition, they are also suitable for underwater use, which offers many possibilities. Otherwise, colored lighting is usually just fun. For example, at Christmas you can hang the sticks on the Christmas tree, as they avoid the annoying topic of candles and the associated fire hazard.

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