Mission Possible – Holsters as Diverse as Their Purposes

Whether for professional requirements or recreational shooting sports, ASMC is the reliable partner for all types of holsters. Material tested in real-life situations leaves no requirement unmet!

Holsters for Various Devices and Materials

In addition to using holsters for tools, lights, and knives, the primary purpose is often firearms or blank guns. The intended use and requirements of the weapon determine the ideal material and design. Holsters are typically made of leather, carbon fiber polymer, Cordura, or Kydex. There are holsters available for both right and left-handed users. Women, due to their different body structure, have different requirements for holsters compared to men. Popular colors include khaki, olive, black, or camouflage. The fascination with shooting sports is enhanced by innovative modular systems in holsters that ensure comfort, versatility, and safety. Many holsters we offer are from manufacturers like Safariland and Blackhawk, such as the Blackhawk P8 Holster. Cowboys also use holsters in Western shows to keep their hands free while carrying revolvers.

Which Holsters are Best for Concealed Carry of a Pistol or Knife and Operational Use?

Shoulder Holsters, Belly and Belt Holsters,

ideal for shorter and medium-sized weapons, they provide a secure fit and maximum discretion for concealed carrying of firearms.

Shoulder Holsters, Belly and Belt Holsters,

are suitable for most handguns as weapon holsters. They offer quick and secure access to the weapon and allow optimal freedom of movement. Adjustable leg straps and additional storage space provide versatile tactical utility to the user.

Multi-function Holsters with Quick Disconnect System

CQC holsters with patented SERPA lock offer security and compatibility. Belt holsters can be quickly converted into deep-draw holsters. Using the specially designed adapter, SERPA CQC holsters can be easily switched between platforms as needed.

Questions: Holsters

Where does the word "holster" come from?

A holster is a pouch or holder for various items requiring quick access. This can range from police officers, shooters, or hunters to waiters in all areas of working life. The word is often synonymous with "halter" and is derived from the term "holfter," which originally referred to mounts for firearms on horse saddles.

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