Wide Selection of Robust Camping Gear at ASMC

Whether it's camping at the next festival, family camping vacation, or bushcrafting - we have everything outdoor enthusiasts need for the outdoors! Our product range includes spacious tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and camping cookware, catering to all preferences. Manufacturers like Tatonka, Nordisk, or Petromax are indispensable in the industry, delivering extremely robust and durable camping equipment for every need. To keep you on track even at night, check out our selection of flashlights and headlamps. Browse through our extensive range and gear up for your next outdoor adventure!

Tents as an Essential Part of Your Camping Gear

Let's be honest, most of us have spent a night in a tent. What could be better than falling asleep to the sounds of nature and waking up to them again in the morning? For those who share this passion with us, we have the right selection.

At ASMC, you'll find a wide range of tents in various sizes and configurations. In addition to smart one-person tents, we also offer plenty of multi-person tents, including spacious large tents for events.

But we also feature simple tarps and hammocks, ensuring there's something for every need. Our premium brands like Nordisk or Amazonas specialize in the outdoor sector, delivering professional camping equipment for everyone.

Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Mats for a Comfortable Night's Rest

Of course, sleeping bags and sleeping mats are essential camping gear. Here, too, we offer you a wide selection of practical camping equipment that keeps you warm and reliably protects against moisture or cold during nights in nature.

In ASMC's product range, you'll find lightweight summer sleeping bags as well as warm winter sleeping bags that keep you comfortable even in freezing temperatures.

Camping Furniture is Essential in Camping Gear!

Whether it's chairs, tables, or camp beds - we have everything you need for more comfort on your next camping adventure. Our robust camping gear has accompanied outdoor enthusiasts and passionate campers through their adventures in nature for years.

For a comfortable outdoor break, these pieces of equipment should not be missing from your gear. Browse through our diverse camping equipment now and equip yourself for the next adventure with ASMC's proven products!

Well-Equipped Outdoor Kitchen for Well-Being in the Open Air

Of course, culinary delights should not be forgotten when camping. To ensure you're well-prepared for your next outdoor adventure, we offer a variety of cooking utensils and energy providers that will accompany you through your camping day.

In addition to durable snacks and foods for the road, you'll also find the necessary equipment for preparing delicious meals yourself. Whether it's camping equipment from Tatonka, Petromax, or Klean Kanteen: they have all proven themselves outdoors and have been faithful companions to camping friends for years!

However, our tasty and energy-delivering meals are not only suitable for camping! A delicious snack is always handy when hiking, helping you reach your daily goal. To ensure the right product for every situation and need, we offer a selection of freeze-dried and extremely durable products as well as a range of wet food. This allows you to conjure up a hot meal on the go in no time, even without a stove and other utensils!

So: Whether it's your annual camping vacation, festival needs, or trekking accessories, you'll find the right camping gear for every need with us! Browse through our comprehensive product range now and find the camping equipment from top brands that's right for you!

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