Plate Carriers from ASMC: Field-tested and Reliable

ASMC offers a wide range of field-tested, reliable plate carriers that protect numerous professional users in rugged daily service. For maximum protection and top performance in service, we provide a broad selection of high-quality plate carriers from premium manufacturers like Tasmanian Tiger, Zentauron, or Lindnerhof.

High-Quality Plate Carriers from ASMC: Plate Carriers for Highest Demands

Plate carriers are a crucial part of military protective gear. They shield personnel in rugged service environments from direct hits to the lungs and heart.
In their simplest form, plate carriers consist of front and back plate pockets. Military and law enforcement personnel can insert ballistic plates into these pockets, preventing projectiles from penetrating and providing optimal protection to these body areas.
Plate carriers are not limited to professional use; they are also favored by airsoft players on the field, where they use mock or foam inserts instead of ballistic plates.
The front and rear plate pockets of plate carriers are connected by shoulder straps. Additionally, they feature either simple straps for attachment or a cummerbund, ensuring the plate carrier stays in place. Some cummerbunds integrate a quick release system for easy removal.

Features of Plate Carriers

Due to their ballistic plates, plate carriers are heavier than most vests, which can sometimes restrict movement. Moreover, wearing a plate carrier can generate heat, making it feel warmer for the wearer. However, wearing a simple combat shirt underneath can mitigate this issue. The reliability of plate carriers and their ballistic plates justifies compromises in mobility.
Plate carriers are typically modular or semi-modular compared to standard vests. They can be upgraded with MOLLE loops to attach various mag and utility pouches, keeping additional equipment readily accessible.
However, plate carriers also cater to civilian use: Slick plate carriers, unlike standard ones, feature few or no PALS loops, allowing them to be worn discreetly under jackets.

Questions: Plate Carriers

Where are plate carriers predominantly used?

Plate carriers are essential components of military and special forces' protective gear. They are utilized by various international troops and soldiers, ensuring reliable protection in demanding operational environments. Besides special forces and military units, plate carriers are also employed by law enforcement agencies, providing optimal protection in challenging situations.

What do plate carriers contain?

Plate carriers accommodate different types of plates on both the front and back sides, ranging from hard or soft ballistic plates to SK1 to SK4 protection classes.

Are all plate carriers modular?

Most plate carriers are equipped with MOLLE loops, enabling users to customize their equipment. However, this feature depends on the manufacturer and specific product. For detailed information, please refer to the product description.

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