Always Comfortable on the Go with ASMC Socks

Find the right socks for every outdoor mission here. ASMC offers a wide selection of socks that meet every requirement.

Comfortable at All Distances: Socks for Every Purpose

Whether climbing, hiking, or on the barracks grounds, the right socks make every adventure much more enjoyable. At ASMC, you'll find socks specifically designed for colder and warmer seasons, providing warmth or cooling for your feet accordingly. Our range includes socks for various purposes such as hiking, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, and other sports activities.

Expert Tip: Socks as Water Filters

A fabric filter is as simple as it is effective. Pour the contaminated water slowly and in small amounts through a stretched piece of fabric, such as a sock, and then boil the water. This ensures that the water does not contain suspended particles and is germ-free. CHEERS!

Questions: Socks

What should be considered regarding the length?

In our range, you'll find socks for boots and shoes, so pay attention to the appropriate length for better comfort.

Which socks for which season?

For winter socks, look for a higher wool content. Additionally, product descriptions indicate for which seasons the items are designed. Some socks also work well as liner socks when wearing multiple pairs, which is particularly recommended on very cold days.

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