Equipped for Every Excursion with High-Quality Bags

With the right carry and sports bags, transporting all kinds of equipment securely and easily becomes almost effortless. Our range includes numerous bags for work, leisure, or your next trekking adventure.

Find and Buy the Perfect Tote Bag for Every Occasion

Whether slung over the body with a casual shoulder strap as a "sports bag" or firmly held in hand with handles - depending on the application, consider the best way to transport the chosen bag and which type should be selected.

Additional compartments and interior pockets help organize your travel gear. Whether this is necessary or only a large storage space is desired, should also be decided individually based on the primary intended use.

We offer both affordable and extremely robust, durable, and versatile models. In addition, the models vary in size, ranging from small to really large XL or even XXL bags. So, there's something for everyone. The most popular colors like black and green are covered in addition to camouflage patterns.

Questions: Carry and Sports Bags

What special features are there?

There are models with wheels that quickly prove their worth when transporting heavier goods. Depending on the type of use, a proper trolley bag might also make more sense. However, we also offer variants with extra bottom or shoe compartments, which certainly makes sense for footballers and similar athletes, as dirt can't always be kept away from shoes.

What should be considered when selecting the ideal bag?

In addition to the material, consider the storage volume in liters, the number of interior pockets or compartments used, and the basic structure of the tote bag. The detailed product descriptions on ASMC quickly show the individual suitability of each bag.

What materials are the "Transport Masters" offered in?

Bags in the ASMC range range from pure cotton to modern and water-repellent synthetic materials. The latter are the ideal choice when the bag is used during camping, vacations, or other outdoor activities to protect its contents optimally.

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