An Cigarette Case Is Not Only Recommendable in the Outdoor Area

The specially shaped covers protect the cherished tobacco not only from moisture but also from accidental crushing and bending. In addition, a cigarette case complements personal style with its design.

ASMC Offers Stylish and Practical Cigarette Cases for Every Taste

Most cigarette cases are made of metal and are therefore silver-colored, simply because such cases protect the tobacco most effectively. Even if you lie on it, crawl over the ground, or are in action. In addition, the boxes are mostly designed to be flat with rounded corners. But we also offer fabric cigarette cases in our shop, which come with an extra pocket for a lighter. This cigarette case is available in camouflage design or olive color, naturally with a matching loop for attachment to the belt. Furthermore, we also offer cases in which the entire cigarette pack can be securely stored.

Questions: Cigarette Cases

Is every metal cigarette case silver-colored?

No, there are also models made of metal in camouflage look.

How many cigarettes fit into a metal case?

The cigarette cases available from us hold approximately 20 cigarettes, but are usually only 1.5 cm deep.

Can the boxes be customized?

Most of the boxes available here already feature army and air force badges or other motifs. The design, however, allows space for individual engravings.

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