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You will be surprised how versatile a tarp can be! Unlike a traditional tent, it not only provides protection from rain and wind but can also serve as sun protection or emergency shelter. In our extensive selection of tarps, we'll gladly show you what to look for when making a purchase.

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Dive into the world of tarps at ASMC and find the perfect model for your outdoor adventures! Our comprehensive range offers a variety of tarps in different sizes, materials, colors, and designs to meet all requirements. Whether you're looking for a lightweight and compact tarp for your next trekking tour or a robust model for long-term use, you can buy high-quality tarps at ASMC. Come and discover high-quality tarps at fair prices for unforgettable outdoor experiences!

Advantages of tarp tents

Tarp tents offer numerous advantages for your outdoor adventures! From versatility and lightweight design to easy handling - tarps are the ideal companion for any outdoor adventure.

The versatility of tarp tents

Tarp tents have a wealth of advantages that make them an unbeatable choice for your outdoor adventures. Firstly, they are incredibly versatile. Whether you need a robust cover to protect yourself from the weather, a shady retreat for a cozy outdoor lunch, or an improvised emergency shelter in the wilderness - a tarp can effortlessly meet all these requirements.

Lightweight and compactness

Another major advantage of tarps is their lightweight and compact nature. Compared to traditional tents, they are often much lighter and can be stored more space-efficiently. This makes them ideal for hikes, backpacking trips, or camping outings where every gram counts. So, if you're going on multi-day trekking trips or planning a camping trip by bike, you'll appreciate the easy handling and minimal weight of a tarp.

Easy handling and quick setup

Another plus point is the easy handling and quick setup time. With a little practice, you can set up your tarp in no time, whether alone or with the help of friends. There are numerous attachment options and configurations available, so you can always find a suitable solution for your needs. This not only saves time but also allows you to be flexible in responding to changing weather conditions or terrain features.

How do I find the right tarp for my next journey?

When buying a tarp, several factors should be considered to ensure that it meets your needs and requirements. One significant difference lies in the number of eyelets and attachment points. The more eyelets and attachment points a tarp has, the more flexible it is in shaping and provides more options for different setup configurations. This versatility is particularly useful if you plan to use the tarp in different environments and weather conditions, allowing you to optimize the tarp according to your needs.

Another important criterion is the durability of the tarp, which is usually measured in millimeters of water column. This specification indicates how waterproof the tarp is and how well it protects you from rain. A higher value is particularly relevant if you intend to use the tarp as a stable tent or emergency shelter in heavy rain and wind. However, for use as a traditional camping tent or sunshade, a moderate value is usually sufficient.

The material of the tarp is also crucial.Polyester is widely used as the base material, but different manufacturers offer various thicknesses and strengths of the material. Some tarps also use blended fabrics that incorporatecotton, which provide greater stability and a more pleasant feel but may have a higher purchase price on average and a lower water column rating.

How to properly use a tarp?

Before embarking on your travels, check if you have enoughguy ropes for setting up the tarp. It's advisable to plan for one or two extra guy ropes in case one gets lost or damaged.

If you've already used the tarp during travels, check the intact condition of all seams before the next use. Especially if the tarp is intended to protect against rain and wind, the seams must be intact and closed. Also, the accompanyingstorage bags for ropes & accessories should be intact to ensure no accessories are lost on the way.

Always ensure sturdy supports when fastening the tarp, providing optimal support even in bad weather. If you expect fewer large trees and other attachment options on your journey, poles can be a useful alternative.

Expert Tip: How to set up a tarp?

Regardless of whether a tarp is used for camping or as a sunshade, there are many different ways to set them up. Everyone can decide for themselves which variant is most suitable for their purpose. This guide article introduces four common tarp setup variants.

FAQs Tarps

Are tarps waterproof?

All tarps made of polyethylene and PVC vinyl are water-resistant as long as the impregnation is maintained. If the impregnation wears off, you can refresh it with an impregnating agent. But beware: tarps are water-resistant, not waterproof.

What kind of ropes / strings are recommended for tarp attachment?

A 6 mm thick rope made of nylon or polyester yarn is a good size, even better are 10 millimeters in diameter to be on the safe side. If the diameter is less than 6 mm, it is recommended to use the rope doubled.

Is it possible to cook in tarps?

Cooking in tarps is possible but not recommended. Tarps are mainly made of synthetic fibers and therefore highly flammable (some manufacturers advertise that their tarps are made of fire-resistant materials, but this information is not guaranteed). Not only cooking but also smoking and any kind of fire (e.g., candles) are prohibited under or inside tarps.

What is the promille thickness?

Promille is the length unit used to determine the thickness of tarp material. The promille corresponds to 0.0254 mm. It can be assumed that the thicker the material, the better the quality.

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