Long Underwear at ASMC – Functional Underwear for Any Weather

We offer a wide range of high-quality functional underwear for optimal comfort. Premium providers like Brynje, Woolpower, and X-Bionic are dedicated to outfitting athletes and outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality long underwear that ensures excellent climate exchange at all times. ASMC's program is extensive and provides suitable long underwear for both summer and cold days.

Long Underwear such as Long Underpants or Functional Shirts for Every Season

Due to their special wearing properties, long underwear is suitable not only for the cold season. The central characteristic feature of functional underwear is its climate-regulating effect: Whether long underpants or tops – their comfortable wearing properties make them wearable throughout the year!
With functional underwear and long underpants from ASMC, excess heat and moisture are transported away from the body during all activities. On cold days, long underwear, on the other hand, provides insulation.
For a comfortable wearing feeling, functional underwear is made from particularly soft materials: The fabrics of long underpants and the like are generally odor-resistant and prevent the growth of microbes, allowing them to be worn comfortably for several days. This supports functional underwear especially during sports activities: Even during sweaty activities, ASMC's high-quality functional underwear prevents odor formation.

Optimal Fit of Functional Underwear

Generally, it is recommended that long underwear fits snugly against the skin. This ensures that long underpants and similar items absorb sweat and transport moisture away from the body.
Functional underwear is designed with stretchable fabrics that feel comfortable on the skin and do not restrict movement. Thus, long underpants and functional shirts provide maximum comfort and optimal freedom of movement despite their close-fitting design.
In addition, long underpants, when worn as the bottom layer and not tight against the skin, can cause pressure points. In this case, functional underwear, especially in the back of the knee, can cause uncomfortable marks and chafing.
When long underpants or functional underwear is worn as the bottom layer in the so-called layering system, their materials like synthetic fiber or wool transport generated moisture as perspiration to the above layers in the form of water vapor. Thus, functional underwear ensures balanced, dry body climate during all outdoor activities.
Through the layering system, the wearer also has the option to react to short-term temperature fluctuations or weather changes: Long underpants or functional shirts, forming the bottom layer, can quickly become the top and only layer by removing all layers above.

Questions: Underwear

What materials are suitable for long underpants and functional shirts?

In general, long underpants & Co made of polyester or sheep's wool are the better choice. If you want to use a blend for your functional underwear, make sure that the cotton content is as low as possible. Long underwear that consists largely of cotton fabric cannot guarantee the level of breathability that polyester or wool can provide.

How tight should long underwear fit?

Long underpants and functional shirts should ideally fit snugly against the skin. Only in this way can long underwear ensure that moisture in the form of sweat is absorbed by the materials and transported away from the body. In addition, chafing and pressure points can be avoided if functional underwear fits snugly. The close fit does not restrict movement: The wearer is not restricted in any movement by long underpants and Co and enjoys maximum comfort and optimal climate exchange at all times.

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