The Openness of Sandals Allows the Wind to Play Around Your Feet

In summer, airy footwear is essential. Despite the desired lightness, sandals must prove themselves on hikes through rugged terrain or long distances. Accordingly, the models for women and men at ASMC are diverse.

Appropriate Design for Virtually Any Terrain

Functionality is also crucial for sandals. What might be stylish summer footwear for strolling in the city (flip-flops) reaches its limits during walks in the forest. Shoes for outdoor activities and excursions must provide good grip on various terrains, making trekking sandals like the popular models from Teva ideal. Therefore, the profiles of the models at ASMC vary accordingly. Additionally, material requirements change when shoes come into contact with water or are used for water sports. The level of openness of the footwear depends on the planned activity, and we offer even unconventional styles.

Airy Protection for Your Feet

In many athletic adventures, it's crucial to reliably protect your toes. Therefore, some sandals feature a closed front area reinforced with a sturdy cap. For extensive hikes, a non-slip and textured profile and a structure that keeps the foot on track are essential. Some missions involve fine gravel or ground-active insects. For those who want to avoid constantly shaking small stones out of their shoes and encountering biting creatures, opting for almost closed sandals is recommended. This equipment is suitable for tours through tall grass or on rugged panoramic trails along the Mediterranean.

In this context, a contentious issue arises: the combination of socks and sandals is often ridiculed. Indeed, this duo looks peculiar while strolling in the city and should be avoided. However, the perspective changes during hikes: for those prone to sweaty feet, the discomfort of bare skin in semi-open sandals should be avoided. Additionally, appropriate socks enhance walking comfort by absorbing moisture and offering additional protection against intrusions.
To determine the correct size, please refer to the ASMC size chart, which includes shoe sizes as well.

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