Belts from ASMC Impress with Quality and Tear Resistance

The textile and leather belts from ASMC offer something for every taste of outdoor and military enthusiasts. However, we also offer individual belt buckles for "upgrading."

Before the First Use

Before the first use of the belt, whether textile, leather, with a clip or buckle, you should adjust it to your body circumference. It should be threaded through all the belt loops of the pants and securely fastened. This prevents the pants from slipping and ensures a firm and stable hold even with heavier weights attached to the pants. To ensure optimal comfort and functionality, it is also important to choose the right pants. Our selection of tactical pants is specifically designed to be combined with our high-quality belts to guarantee maximum efficiency and comfort during outdoor activities or tactical missions.

Questions: Belts

Which Belt is Suitable for Me? Tips and Suggestions for Selection

The type of closure on the belt is ultimately a matter of personal preference. The buckle allows for a very quick fastening and infinite adjustment of the belt length, which is especially advantageous in urgent situations. The clip is similarly quick but can break more easily. So, as often, it depends on the intended use. We also offer used Bundeswehr belts for those who value originality and authenticity.

What Colors and Patterns Are Offered?

In terms of color selection, the belt should match the rest of the clothing. Our range includes belts in brown or solid colors as well as belts with camouflage patterns. Besides standard colors like plain black, green, gray, and olive, our range also includes many other colors, allowing for selection according to personal preferences and inclinations. Special models of women's belts in pink with camouflage patterns complete the extensive range.

Special Features on the ASMC Belt Page

As a special gimmick, but also a really useful tool, men's belts with bottle opener buckles can be purchased in our shop. The closure functions as a sturdy bottle opener, which is a hit at every party.

Furthermore, we also offer various belt buckles for retrofitting, which feature insignias such as federal states, military police, or unit affiliation, as well as slogans.

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