Protecting Your Command Center: Find the Right Cap for Every Weather at ASMC

The human command center is always in demand. To ensure your head isn't exposed to the elements, ASMC offers a diverse range of hats and caps.

Caps – Not Just Stylish but Protective

There was a time when leaving the house without a hat or cap was unthinkable. Today, many people skip headgear during outdoor activities. However, caps are about more than just style – they protect your head from the whims of the weather. Whether scorching sun, icy wind, or rain showers, a good cap keeps your "thinking cap" safe and sheltered. By the way, headaches or colds are often the result of neglecting head protection. So, remember: A suitable cap is not just a fashion statement but a must-have for your health.

Explore the Diverse Range of Caps at ASMC

ASMC offers a wide range of headwear for every weather condition and style. From fur caps for icy days to lightweight beanies or baseball caps for warmer months – you'll find the ideal cap for your needs.

Bundeswehr Cap – Your Reliable Companion in Any Weather

A Bundeswehr cap is more than just a symbol of military discipline. It's your perfect companion for all weather conditions. Even in freezing temperatures, your head stays comfortably warm. BW caps are ideal for cold and windy days.

Fur Caps for Truly Icy Days

Even in freezing temperatures, when a well-lined fur cap with ear flaps is needed, our range has the perfect solution. Although the lavish Russian model is rarely necessary in Germany, it has its place as a cool accessory.

Military Cap – Versatility for Rain and Mild Winter Days

A military cap stands for not only robustness but also adaptability to different climates. Lightweight models with water-resistant surfaces, like the Mil-Tec knitted cap, are excellent for mild winter days or rainy weather. For cold weather, ASMC offers high-quality military winter caps.

Army Cap – Stylish Protection Against Sun and Wind

The army cap combines style with functionality. A lightweight beanie cap or a baseball cap like the Elbe Team merino cap is perfect for sunny days and light wind, ensuring optimal protection even in summer. For men with less hair and anyone looking to protect themselves from harsh spring winds, lightweight cotton beanies or baseball caps provide ideal protection without overheating. These models are also ideal in summer to avoid sunburn. However, even in winter, an army cap protects you from the cold.

Find the Perfect Size for Your Cap

To find the ideal size, please refer to the ASMC size chart. With the right cap size, you'll be well-equipped for any weather and every outing or mission.

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