Candles and Torches for Outdoor Use

With candles and torches from ASMC's range, you can brighten up the outdoor ambiance and opt for a "natural," pleasant light source.

What should be considered when using?

Candles and torches should ideally be placed on a solid surface that does not contain easily flammable materials like dry branches in the immediate vicinity. A firm and secure base ensures that unintended fires cannot be ignited.

While candles and torches are burning, they should always be supervised. However, temporary removal is considered unproblematic. Torches often have a catch basin on the underside to collect dripping fluid and prevent skin injuries. Before lighting the torch, check if the catch basin is still intact. During the lighting process, the torch should be held horizontally.
Torches are highly wind-resistant. Candles do not have this level of resistance. Therefore, when using candles, try to place them in a somewhat sheltered spot against the wind.

Which variants are right for me?

Firstly, consider the purpose of the torches and candles. Torches are easy to handle and can be carried or placed outdoors. The wax torches in our range differ mainly in size. The longer a torch is, the longer it will burn.
In addition to individual products, sets are also available containing multiple torches or candles. For candles, you can choose traditional wax candles or scented variants. These provide a pleasant fragrance that promotes relaxation and enhances the atmosphere. There are also variants with lemon scent, which are intended to help repel mosquitoes. So-called survival candles have multiple wicks, providing even higher wind resistance. If the wind tries to blow the flame in a particular direction, the wicks support each other to maintain their flame.

Expert Tip:

Building a Wax Torch Yourself

Materials Needed: - (Relatively straight) sticks - Special torch fabric, burlap sacks, or pieces of cotton cloth - Wax (ideal source: old candle stubs) - Pot - Beer coaster - Wire

Instructions: To make torches yourself, melt the wax or wax remnants (preferably in an old pot) to dip the special torch fabric pieces or alternatively old burlap sacks or cotton cloths in. The smaller the cloths, the more layers can be wrapped around the sticks that serve as torch handles, this process remains quite popular. ? a. Solange

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