Proven Bundeswehr Equipment in a Wide Selection at ASMC

ASMC offers its customers a comprehensive range of high-quality Bundeswehr equipment for training and combat. Our product range includes security equipment, military watches, various identification tags, and badges. Whether soldiers, special police units, or security personnel – you'll find everything you need for your daily service routine.

Selected Products for Reliable Protection and Best Performance in Daily Service

We are constantly striving to deliver the best products that you can rely on at all times. Bundeswehr equipment must provide the necessary protection during training and combat without restricting your movement. To ensure this, we rely on products from our premium manufacturers such as Zentauron, Tasmanian Tiger, Leo Köhler, and many more. The Bundeswehr equipment from our suppliers has proven itself in the harsh conditions of daily service for decades, accompanying the forces confidently through their missions.

Bundeswehr Equipment for Service Personnel, Airsoft Players, and More

At ASMC, you'll find everything you need to be well-equipped for your daily service routine. In addition to numerous tactical vests and pouches, you'll also find plenty of protective goggles and tactical watches here.

Military personnel and collectors alike will find a wide selection of insignia that go beyond the Bundeswehr. International badges for armies like France or the USA are represented here, as are identification tags for specific units or for custom printing.

Our products from top brands like Zentauron or Tasmanian Tiger have proven themselves in service and accompany personnel through daily professional challenges. But ASMC's Bundeswehr equipment is also highly popular among airsoft players. It provides optimal protection on the field and ensures they are well-prepared for all situations.

In addition to traditional protective gear, we also offer equipment for everyday use. This includes our wristwatches, which thanks to numerous functions and measuring instruments, are extremely useful in civilian life. Whether watches from KHS, G-Shock, or Pro-Trek, they all impress with their appealing design and leave nothing to be desired in terms of functionality. In our Bundeswehr equipment range, you'll also find various flashlights and headlamps that should not be missing from your equipment, especially during the darker seasons.

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