Hip Bags at ASMC: Practical Companions for Everyone

Hip bags are more than just a fashionable accessory. They are a practical and functional companion for your daily life and travels. ASMC offers a versatile selection of hip bags that combine style and functionality.Learn more

Hip Bags – Practical and Lightweight

The popularity of hip bags is well deserved. Here are some advantages that make these accessories so attractive.

Versatile Uses of Hip Bags

As small as a hip bag may be, its uses are remarkably versatile. These small pouches, also known as hip bags or waist bags, are perfect for carrying light snacks during endurance sports, valuables while camping, and much more, making them incredibly practical. Depending on personal comfort, you can wear the hip bag around your waist during jogging, running, or Nordic walking. Hip bags provide ample space for items like wallets, keys, and IDs. While you won't fit a paddle inside, you can store plenty of essential small items needed for daily life.

Security for Valuables

Worn loosely around the hips, whether over or under clothing, a hip bag can become a true hidden stash as it's difficult to detect under clothes. At the same time, it allows quick and spontaneous access to personal items. 

Most hip bags can be easily threaded through belt loops due to their slim straps, preventing them from slipping or being stolen.

High Comfort with Adequate Storage Space

With a capacity of up to 10 liters, depending on the size of the model, hip bags provide plenty of space for hiking and day trips. Additionally, a hip bag is much more manageable, uncomplicated, and safer than a traditional backpack because it fits comfortably and distributes weight well. This keeps your arms pleasantly mobile and ensures optimal ventilation of the back during hiking, making it particularly suitable for sports activities and outdoor excursions. However, hip bags are not just practical; they also enhance your style! Especially when opting for hip bags made of nylon or polyester in classic colors like black, brown, or camouflage, you can't go wrong.

Various Models: From Small to Large

Small hip bags with narrow straps provide enough space to discreetly and securely carry valuables or cash during outdoor excursions. You can store everything in them that you often leave in the kitchen in the morning, on the sideboard in the hallway, or on the dresser in the bathroom.

Medium-sized models with multiple small compartments or a spacious main compartment can be used to carry many handy everyday items compactly, such as smartphones or keychains. They also provide enough storage space for essential equipment and accessories, as well as provisions and drinks.

Larger versions, on the other hand, can even replace a daypack, allowing you to store light snacks for green outings. You're no longer dependent on a bulky backpack.

Hip Bags for Sports

However, there are also special hip bags designed specifically for sports activities such as hiking and trail running. In addition to essential utensils, these special hip bags effortlessly accommodate small water bottles. This allows you to take your drink on day trips, during your walking round, or in the mountains without having to rely on a backpack. Depending on the hip bag, there are different bottle holders that ensure a good grip on the bottles. These hip bags almost always come with so-called hip fins. Thanks to the lightweight and soft padding of the hip bags, you can comfortably carry the weight of the water bottles without them bothering you while hiking, walking, or jogging.

Hip Bags for Men

Men looking for a practical solution without sacrificing style will find exactly what they need in the selection of hip bags for men at ASMC. Our selection is designed to complement your various outfits and occasions. Whether sporty, casual, or elegant – there's a model for every taste.

Special Features of Hip Bags

Hip bags are characterized by robust, flexible materials, a sporty design, and durability. Hip bags are typically made of thin and lightweight fabric that feels comfortable against your skin and can be adjusted individually. Usually, the hip bag is fastened around the waist with a buckle closure. Depending on the size of the hip bag, they often feature not only a spacious main compartment but also one or more small pockets that can be closed with Velcro or zippers. Some hip bags have mesh side pockets so you can quickly access various small items, while others have holders for water bottles. Additionally, hip bags often come with the ability to attach a key. Additional compartments, compression straps, and side pockets enhance the flexibility of the hip bag and facilitate a sensible organization of your belongings. Thanks to lightweight and durable materials, hip bags are ideal for intense use during travel or sports. Waterproof hip bags also keep all valuables dry even in heavy rain.

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