Field Jackets from ASMC for Duty and Leisure

Military jackets and Bundeswehr parkas are essential gear for every soldier. They come equipped with many practical features that facilitate daily duty and withstand the rugged demands of operations. At ASMC, you will find a variety of proven military jackets in different colors and camouflage patterns. We offer a wide selection of field jackets for professional use and leisure from premium brands like Leo Köhler, UF Pro, and many more!

Not just for duty: Bundeswehr Parka and Military Jackets from ASMC!

Field jackets are equipped with many practical features that facilitate military work routines. Characteristic features of Bundeswehr parkas include numerous pockets of varying sizes, providing ample storage space for necessary gear. This ensures that the user has essential equipment on hand at all times. Additionally, field jackets and Bundeswehr parkas are highly valued for their robust materials, designed to withstand the rigors of daily military life. They also offer excellent wearing comfort: Bundeswehr parkas are intentionally slightly roomier to ensure unrestricted movement for the wearer during activities. Beyond operational use, field jackets have gained popularity due to their excellent functional properties and are also worn during leisure activities. Their distinctive features make them versatile all-rounders that are not only practical but also stylish.

Military jackets for everyday!

Primarily, field jackets and Bundeswehr parkas are available in corresponding army colors. Whether in the classic Bundeswehr flecktarn or other popular camouflage patterns like Multicam or Woodland, ASMC's range is extensive and offers suitable field jackets for all needs. Rare variants such as snow camouflage or tiger stripe also find their place in the assortment. For those who wish to enjoy the excellent properties of field jackets in urban settings and prefer a simpler look, military jackets and Bundeswehr parkas are also available in plain colors like black or olive.

Cult jacket Bundeswehr Parka: Old but Gold!

Field jackets are equally valued for their functionality and wearing comfort. Their robust materials make military jackets almost indestructible and ideal companions through cold, wet seasons. The Bundeswehr Parka M65, in particular, stands out and has gained cult status among military jackets. This time-tested classic, meeting Bundeswehr quality standards, has proven itself over decades and confidently accompanied many military personnel throughout their service. The original Bundeswehr parka excels in its timeless design and is a popular choice for urban wear!

Questions: Field Jackets

Many field jackets feature a Velcro strip on the chest area to securely attach a rank loop or name tag. Due to the frequent combination of cotton and synthetic materials, the jacket is particularly easy to care for and combines lightweight with high wearing comfort.

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