Essential Camping Gear for Your Next Adventure at ASMC

At ASMC, you'll find everything you need for your next camping adventure, including essential camping gear. Whether it's paracord or care products, our product range covers everything you shouldn't be without while camping. Browse through our extensive selection now and find the necessary camping gear for your next adventure!

Camping Gear - Must-Haves for Your Packing List!

When camping, we're outside our comfort zone and simply need certain things to maintain the comfort we're used to even in nature. However, camping gear includes many little things that are easily forgotten when packing. To ensure your packing list is complete and nothing is missing, we've prepared a checklist for you to double-check your bags.

Hygiene Items

These are indispensable even on the go. At least, that's what most of us would agree with. Hygiene items are perhaps the most important camping gear. But what exactly should be packed here?

From foldable washbasins to quick-drying microfiber towels, you'll find everything you need outdoors, including camping toilets. In our camping gear category, you can also equip yourself with an ultra-convenient solar shower for on the go. Browse our offerings and find everything essential for your camping trip.

Repair Tools

Various repair tools should also be included in your camping gear. Whether it's expanders, sewing kits, or tear-resistant adhesive tape - all are useful helpers that should be included in your camping gear.

Paracord and Ropes

They have long proven themselves and are extremely useful companions for trips outside the usual comfort zone. In our product range, you can choose from various lengths, colors, and strengths of paracord to buy the one that suits your needs.

Signaling Devices

To ensure others quickly notice you in case of emergency, signaling devices are also recommended in your camping gear. Here you can choose between various whistle and signal pipe options or prepare for emergencies with a smoke grenade.

Lighting for the Night

Reliable lighting is essential outdoors, especially after dark. In our range, you'll find practical flashlights and headlamps to help you find your way or illuminate your campsite at night. For those who prefer a non-electronic option, we also offer glow sticks that can be useful in emergencies or for marking paths.


To ensure your equipment stays weatherproof, you should also have waterproofing spray in your camping gear. It protects tents, boots, clothing, and more from moisture and keeps your equipment reliably dry.

To make your equipment waterproof, you can dip, spray, or pressure-impregnate the respective item. Our range includes various waterproofing sprays that should not be missing from your camping gear.

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